Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Couple that Has Everything

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When you receive an invitation to a wedding, a whole host of challenges presents itself. Of course, you’re happy for your friends and their momentous occasion, but you’re dreading the shopping trip to buy them a gift. For the couple that has everything and provides no wish list or wishing well for donations, it becomes an all-the-more stressful occasion.

You’ve got no guidance, no idea what they already have, and money can often seem like an impersonal gift, no matter how appreciated it might be. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of wedding gifts that a couple who has everything will happily accept.

Cookware sets

Cookware sets are often an appreciated gift because they offer the opportunity for the newlywed couple to have a kitchen clear-out. New cookware sets are a sign of a new beginning, a fresh start, and something of which both parties can get a ton of practical use. It also marks the significant occasion of throwing away Grandma’s old broken pot set you’ve been hanging onto as well. Cookware sets are often the last thing you think about buying, even when you’re in need – and who can honestly say all their pots and pans match? The newlyweds now can!

Gift vouchers

If you’ve left your run a little late and all the items on the bridal registry are taken, except for that one set of novelty Disney spoons that you’re too embarrassed to give, a gift voucher becomes a lifeline. Not only does it enable the couple to buy what they wish, but you can add your personal touch by purchasing it from a store you know they will frequent. You don’t have to default to the big name generic chain stores. For example, if your friends are avid hunters, a voucher from a hunting and fishing store is an excellent choice. Keep in mind, when you’re setting your budget, that wedding guests in 2016 spent an average of $118 on a wedding gift for newlyweds. 

Gift baskets

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford an extravagant gift, a gift basket is an excellent solution. Not only are they usually quite inexpensive to put together, but the thought you put into them can often be more appreciated than a flashy and expensive gift. Think about what they’ll need for their honeymoon. You might wish to add sunscreen or suntan lotion, sweet treats, travel shampoos, hygiene kits or even ‘his and hers’ towels.

Don’t let your budget be a barrier. Around 21 percent of people decline a wedding invitation due to being cash-strapped, but you may find your soon-to-be-wed friends would prefer your presence over your presents. 

Chopping boards

Customized chopping boards are proving to be trendy this year. While a standard wood chopping board is a practical gift and is better than plastic, it’s made all the more special by having the couple’s initials, and a short message etched into the wood. It looks stunning, it comes from the heart, and you can purchase a chopping board for a low price, before having an experienced woodworker add the personal touch. A chopping board also makes a unique wedding gift because you know the couple will use it. Everyone needs a chopping board in their kitchen, and if they can remember their special day by merely looking at this board, it’s all the more rewarding.


If finding the perfect gift for your friend’s impending nuptials is having you second-guessing your attendance, talk to him or her. The last thing they want is for you not to make an appearance purely because you can’t find a gift they would like, or can’t afford one. Remember, they want your presence, not your presents.



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