Organize It: 4 Quick Ideas to Organize Your Family Garage

A garage is like a purse, it starts out vast, empty, and clean, but within a few months it’s chock-full of things you don’t even recognize, and when you have a family it multiples depending on how many children you have. The same applies to all garages around the world. Staying organized is the only way to avoid letting your garage turn into a catch-all of the overflow from your home. Here are four quick ideas to get you started.

Get It Sorted

To get started you just have to do just that, start. Begin by organizing the clutter into piles based on categories. Tools in one pile, pet stuff in another, yard tools in a third, and so on. This article from HGTV points out that organizing in piles will help you decide where each should ultimately go. This will also help you find any duplicates you might have.

Create a Workflow Map

Create an image of how the garage can be most useful to you. Decide what your biggest needs are and then organize based off of that. Take everything into consideration. If you have pets, decide where the best place for the pet stuff is. With children you will need to decide where their stuff should go, too, and plan around them.

If you want your garage to primarily be a workplace then base your organization on that. Focus on the image you’ve created and make it happen. While creating the image of what you want your garage to make sure that everything is in working order. Contact a good repairman, like Plano Overhead Garage Door or someone in your area, to make sure that everything is in the condition that they should be.

Shelves Are Your Best Friend

Shelving is the perfect tool for keeping everything organized and off the ground, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep things you use regularly on shelves at a reachable height. If you have lots and lots of little, loose items (like screwdrivers, batteries or painting supplies), group them together in small buckets, baskets, or boxes. Avoid overstuffing shelves or overloading boxes.

Arrange items from tallest in the back to smallest in the front so everything is visible to your eye. A long, low table of hip-height can be used as a workstation and an additional storage spot.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Keeping It Clean

A tidy garage can still look like a mess if it’s filthy. Put in the time and elbow grease to keep it clean once you’ve organized it. Sweep or blow out leaves, debris, and dirt. Clean doors and fixtures. Wipe dust and grit from the shelves. Patch holes in the walls. In summary, keep on it! Don’t neglect your garage and put yourself back into the same situation you were before.

The family garage is often times a source of disorganization and clutter. However, with these simple ideas, it doesn’t have to be. Organizing your garage takes time, but the benefits of having a clean garage greatly outweigh the temporary frustration of organizing it.

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