Choosing the Best Spa Treatment While On Vacation

If you are seeking to go on a healthy vacation, indulging in spa visits and massages should be the order of the day. 

These days with ocean liners featuring ceramic lounges and hydrotherapy pools, a spa cruise with all inclusive features, takes a pampering holiday to an entirely new level.

These holistic treatments and exercise programs are meant to boost your overall well-being and make you return home renewed and refreshed.

To guide you on your way to total bliss, here are some of the best spa treatments you can avail of and how to plan and make sure to get them to give you the most out of your wellness vacation.

Prepare a pre-spa game plan

When you are heading for a vacation, it is crucial to plan what you would like to do, ahead of time. Google is also your friend here. For example, if you’re traveling to Denver, see what comes up when you Google “facial peel denver“, or “spa treatments denver”, and so on. Whether it is the deep tissue massage that you have on your mind or a pampering pedicure process, check if the desired services will be available on your arrival.

Try something new

You may be a spa aficionado having a good idea of what lies ahead, but when your holiday theme is only to rejuvenate and relax, it is advisable to try something new.

Traditional spa treatment, today, is a thing of the past with exotic facials, hydrotherapy and tiny fish to revitalize the body by nibbling at your feet being the rage.

Spa treatments that are worth a splurge

While contemporary beauty treatments continue to be popular, aromatherapy, sleep programs, sound meditation, and music therapy are doing the rounds as well. Some glimpses of the latest trends to look for are:

  • Automated hydromassage: With customized spa relaxation expected to go touchless, the automated hydromassage requires minimum hands and helps in addressing chronic lower-back pain, pinched muscle nerve, and sciatica. Treatment involves using hot water nozzles below the parts of the body that need treatment and adjusting the pressure as per the client’s needs.
  • Naga massage: Inspired by Buddhist serpentine deities, this unusual massage is an extraordinary way to unwind. Once your body is wrapped in swaths of silk, suspended from above, your therapist will stretch the body muscles with the pressure of the feet. Needless to say, by the time it is all over, you will be in a state of nirvana.
  • Turkish Hamam Rub: The signature skin-sloughing Turkish Hamam treatment will leave you relaxed and pampered in just thirty minutes. The body is first bathed in coconut milk and then stretched on a heated bed of marble to exfoliate the body from top to toe.
  • Water Shiatsu: During this aquatic treatment your therapist will literally cradle you in a pool and then gently stretch the body muscles, at the same time applying acupressure. Visualize yourself doing yoga while floating to get an idea of how blissful the experience could be.
  • Infrared sauna: Kiss the traditional sauna goodbye and instead try this unique infrared modern-day technique that lets your body sweat and detox as you relax in a tub.


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