Five Things Every Woman Should Carry Besides Her Phone

With a thousand different companies telling you a thousand different things you need for your day to day life, it can be a literal juggle to try and hold them all. While your phone might seem like it has everything you could want, there are quite a few real-life objects that apps just can’t live up to.

Reusable bottle

It seems silly, but with the crazy pace of our busy lives, we can forget to do simple things like drinking water. Medical Daily suggests that “75% of the American population fall short of the 10 daily cups prescribed by the Institute of Medicine” in their article about chronic dehydration. The impulsive way to fix this issue is to drink eight disposable water bottles every day, but the responsible thing to do is invest in a reusable non-plastic bottle that can be used for all your beverages. Once you find one that you like, you can eliminate so much waste and really up the amount of water you drink. The best water bottles are leak proof, temperature neutral, and come with a latch for easy travel.

Backpack or Diaper Bag?

After carrying around a child in your uterus for almost a year, the last thing you want to do is lug around a large diaper bag until potty training ends. Diaper bags might seem like a necessary evil, but there are more reasonable options out there. For example, there are diaper bags that are actually backpacks. While on the move with your little ones, a backpack keeps both of your hands-free and saves you from the dreaded mom shoulder. It can be shared easily between spouses, without one side grumbling about carrying a purse. It is also more practical for moms who get out of the house for more than just trips to the mall. The backpack diaper bag is a feat of ingenuity for which we have waited much too long.

Stop Losing Things

Apparently, people spend more than two days every year looking for items they lost. The PR Newswire says Millennial lose things twice as often as older generations. For some of us it’s less often, and for the rest of us we have no clue where our keys or wallet are while we read this. Tiles or other loss proof gadgets make finding the location of your phone and other necessities as simple as checking an app. Get your life back and also your keys.

SPF/Moisturizer Cream

Healthy skin is one of your best assets, so protecting it on a daily basis should be one of your top priorities. Using an organic SPF infused moisturizer keeps you glowing and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Think about how much easier your day becomes if you ditch your commitment to makeup and invest in a product that invests in you too. Finding the perfect combination sunscreen/moisturizer changes the skincare game once and for all because it is the only product you will need. If you’re not ready to sacrifice your color coverage yet, there are also B.B. creams that moisturize and shield from UV rays as well. To find the best option for you, look at the American Academy of Dermatology’s website and see what the experts have to say about how daily SPF can reduce the signs of aging.

Plan A, B, & C

Yes, there is a calendar on your phone. No, you don’t use it. Finding a physical planner that you can use to coordinate the six different schedules for which you are responsible can help make it all seem a little more manageable. Plus, there are quite a few planners out these days that can help you plan beyond the day-to-day and work towards life goals. Planners like the praised Passion Planner are structured to help you organize your life around your personal and professional goals. Many also have sections to reflect on the day and its activities to help keep all the busyness in perspective. Calendars should do more than just remind you thirty minutes before the dentist appointment you forgot about three months ago and triple booked with brunch and babysitting.


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