Changing Jobs? Look for These Niche Benefits 

When considering a position at a new company, it is essential to thoroughly review the benefit packages. Gone are the days when this simply included medical and dental perks. Many companies now incorporate a variety of unique extras in their packages, so it is important to know what kind of offerings are available: from wellness classes to private catering, continuing education to flexible schedules! Read on for more ideas from This Lady Blogs.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is a fantastic benefit, especially if you want to further your career or explore other related avenues. While the details vary with each company, most businesses pay a portion of your tuition if you take courses related to your position. 

For example, perhaps you work as a bookkeeper and want to take classes about new and emerging accounting trends and tax laws. By pursuing these studies, you learn new strategies, programs, and movements that give you additional skills at work. With this perk, the company helps fund these courses. 

If you feel there is not enough time in the day to squeeze in classes, online programs provide a great option. This type of curriculum offers more flexibility than standard in-person classes, making them accommodating when you have a hectic schedule. 

Pet Accommodations

Sometimes, one of the toughest parts of the day is leaving your beloved dog or cat at home when you head to the office. If you hate saying goodbye to Fluffy every morning, just grab a leash and take him with you. 

NPR points out that many employers now allow staff to bring their pets to work. Just be sure your pet is well-behaved and plays well with others — especially if your co-workers are bringing their pets to the office as well. If your animal is not quite there yet, find some ways to practice good manners while you are home. Take a training class (you can even find good online options if your local options are limited). Put a bed by your desk at home and help your dog or cat learn to stay there while you work in the evenings. Set up playdates with different furry friends to get your pet more comfortable interacting with other animals. 

Of course, make sure your pet doesn’t become a distraction. If you discover that bringing your companion to work is ultimately creating more problems, then you may want to reconsider your decision.

On-Site Childcare

Childcare can be incredibly expensive for parents.’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey showed that in the United States in 2020, 57 percent of families spent over $10,000 on daycare for the year. Over the course of the five years prior to kindergarten, an average family can easily spend $50,000 just to pay for childcare while they work.

To counter this costly burden, companies are now offering free on-site childcare. Not only does this save parents an incredible amount of money, but it can also save time since they do not have to drop off and pick up their children at a separate location. Plus, you now have the luxury of seeing your kiddos throughout the day. 

Flexible Schedules

While the standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule may work for some people, it is not an ideal agenda for many others. As a solution, more employers are offering flexible schedules. Depending on the company, this may mean you set your own hours — within reason, of course. If you need afternoons free to be with your kids, you can work an early shift, such as 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. Just make sure that your co-workers understand what your hours will be; stay in communication about changes to your schedule, should they need to contact you about something work-related.

Believe it or not, some companies even go so far as no longer tracking employees’ hours. As long as employees turn in quality work by the deadlines, they do not require a set schedule of working hours. However, if you want to keep track of what you’re doing and when you’re doing it for your own records, websites like Toggl can help you easily track your time without the need for pen and paper.

The benefits package of any job is a key factor in choosing a new employer. Knowing which of these perks mean the most to you ahead of time makes you better equipped when reviewing job offers. 


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