Top Tips to Optimum Preconception Health for Mom and Dad

Deciding to enlarge your family unit to include a baby can be one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking times of your life. There are several important considerations to be made across all aspects of your life, including your finances, support system, living arrangements, childcare, education as well as health and well-being. The old notion was that it was all up to the woman (mother) to take care of herself for the sake of the baby. But it has been proven that optimum health is important for both the mother and father-to-be.  

Before Becoming Pregnant

Pre-pregnancy health refers to your overall health before becoming pregnant. Being healthy before conception increases the probability of becoming pregnant more easily and safely. It can also help you to avoid pregnancy issues if you do become pregnant. This is important for both parents to be. 

Getting a pre-pregnancy check-up and speaking with your healthcare professional about any health concerns that may affect your pregnancy are all important aspects of good pre-pregnancy health. It also usually entails including conception supplements that contain folic acid, amongst other things, to avoid potential birth defects. Many prenatal vitamins do not provide all the components like pre and probiotics that a woman and man require for healthy nutrition. Most prenatal supplements only provide enough nourishment to prevent birth abnormalities and major diseases, but they fall far short of giving the women everything they require for healthy fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery.

For this reason, a high-quality supplement is advised for both parties. These conception supplements for men and women available from Needed have resulted from a holistic approach to research, scientific progress, technology, and education. There are options available that include their whole product line for both women and men to provide the best nutrition possible when attempting to conceive. These items work together to improve sperm and egg health, hormone levels, fertility, vitality, mood, and resilience, amongst other things.

Seeking Optimum Wellness

Other lifestyle changes that may have an impact on your baby’s health if you do become pregnant are also vital to consider. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or using illegal substances should be avoided by both parents. All these factors can make it more difficult for you to conceive. They’re also dangerous to your unborn child if you do become pregnant.

Before you get pregnant, take care of any health issues you or your partner may have. Some chronic health disorders might cause complications during pregnancy and, in rare cases, birth abnormalities. Getting the correct treatment for illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and immune disorders before becoming pregnant can help you have a healthier pregnancy and infant.

If you’re considering becoming pregnant, begin focusing on your wellbeing at least three months before you begin trying to conceive. You may need more time to ensure your body is ready to have a baby if you have health issues that could impact your pregnancy. 

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress can cause complications during pregnancy, so learn how to manage it before you start trying to conceive. You and your partner can cope with stress by staying active, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Tell your healthcare professional if you’re feeling particularly stressed. You may need the assistance of a counselor who can assist you in reducing and managing your stress.

Protect Yourselves

Defend yourself against viruses and diseases that could harm your pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection spread by eating undercooked meat or encountering cat feces. LCMV (lymphocytic choriomeningitis) can be contracted through the care of rodents. You may need to consider rehoming these pets or ensuring that everything is hygienic and safe. Make certain that any meat you consume is completely cooked.

At home or in your workplace, avoid using hazardous substances. Ask your doctor if the chemicals you use can influence your chances of becoming pregnant or the health of your baby if you do become pregnant. Some substances have the potential to cause birth abnormalities in your child.

Exercise and Weight Considerations

Exercise offers numerous health advantages before, during, and after pregnancy. It is also proven to enhance fertility in both prospective parents. It is beneficial to increase moderate physical activity. However, the trick is to practice moderation. Excessive high-intensity exercise has been linked to lower fertility in some women, according to reliable sources. Excessive exercise might disrupt the body’s energy balance and have a detrimental impact on your reproductive system. If you want to increase your physical activity, do so gradually and inform your healthcare provider. Yoga is a well-known and trusted option for moms and dads to consider, and it is a great activity to do together. It can also be used later in life, with the effects of yoga having shown immense benefits in children as well. 

When it comes to male and female fertility, body weight is one of the most important things to consider. Being either underweight or overweight is linked to a higher risk of infertility. The quantity of fat accumulated in your body has an impact on menstrual function. Obesity is linked to not just menstruation irregularities, but also a lack of egg development, so be sure to aim for a healthy weight. 

The journey to becoming parents might be difficult at times but know that you are not alone in your efforts. Getting your pre-conception check-ups (both mom and dad), taking the necessary supplements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and protecting yourselves through education will set you on a path to a happy and cherished pregnancy. 

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