5 Mommy and Me Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Photographs are a wonderful way to document memories and what better way to celebrate your new baby than a photoshoot. There are so many outfits, themes, color palettes you can choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and suffering from decision fatigue don’t worry this article has your back! Here are five outfit ideas to help spark inspiration and help you come up with your own ensemble!  

1. Cute and Comfortable

There are two things that you should keep in mind when choosing outfits for your kids. The first is that they need to be comfortable, and the second is that they should look cute and stylish. Opt for fabrics like cotton or linen. These will be soft and gentle on the skin. 

2. Neutral Colors

Dress in neutral hues like tan, navy blue, or ivory to draw attention to your baby and yourself. Clothing in basic colors or with few designs is recommended to prevent drawing attention to your outfit and away from you. Neutral colored clothing will compliment natural loving poses your photographer puts you in. According to The Newborn Lady, a baby photographer in New Hampshire, a great way to test out your outfits is to have a practice photoshoot at home. That way you can see what your outfits look like on camera and make adjustments.  

3. Flowery Patterns and Solid Colors 

Opt for an outdoor setting for those who love nature. Instead of buying matching outfits, dress your baby in a flowery pattern and choose a sold color for yourself. 

4. Matching Patterns 

Another outfit idea is to have different styles, but use the same pattern. For example, your baby can wear an outfit with stripes while mom wears a neutral-colored outfit with a striped scarf to match. Having a matching small accessory will tie the outfits together without becoming to overwhelming or busy to the eye

5. Fall Themed

Dress in warm colors such as burnt orange, forest green, mustard yellow, burgundy. Opt for a sherpa or cable knit sweater, scarves, hats, and headbands for extra cozy vibes.Play around with color palettes by choosing complementary colors, having an accent color, or the both of you wearing different hues. 

6. Play with Textures

Another outfit idea is to stay within the same color palette but play with textures. Mom can wear a silk or satin dress while baby is dressed in a fun dress with lots of tulle for that tutu effect. You can also wear the same textured fabric as well and play with color palettes. The choice is yours.

Clothing can have a significant impact on your photographs. Make sure to do ample research and look for pictures that you want to emulate. No matter what style or theme you go with, your photographer will make sure to capture the loving connection with your child! 

The key to making cute mommy and toddler outfits is trying different outfits combinations. You’ll find that there are many styles that you can choose from, so play around with different ideas, and you’re sure to find something unique and right for you! 


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