Car Care: 5 Auto Care Tips to Look into This Spring

After a long difficult winter season, your automobile may look like a mess on the inside and outside. Not only does a vehicle receive contamination from snow and ice on the exterior, but also, you may not clean the interior of the vehicle for several months. As soon as spring arrives, you should begin to clean your vehicle to protect its paint and upholstery. Use these pointers to have a vehicle that looks beautiful.

Wash Your Vehicle at Home or at a Car Wash

Washing your vehicle on the first warm spring day is essential for your vehicle. This cleaning process will remove road salt, tar and grime from the painted and metal surfaces. If you leave dirt on your vehicle, then the metal, glass and paint are degraded by the chemicals, leading to rust and other problems.

Apply Wax to Your Vehicle’s Exterior

After you wash your vehicle, the wax on the paint is removed, but you can apply new wax. There are wax products available at local stores that you can rub onto a vehicle’s surface, or you can use a spray product instead. If you can’t wax your vehicle at home, then you can use the wax spray product at a nearby car wash.

Vacuum and Shampoo the Carpets and Upholstery

Use a specialized vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, leaves and gravel from your vehicle’s upholstery and carpets. A thorough vacuuming can remove a buildup of human or pet hair from a vehicle so that you don’t have any problems from allergies. After vacuuming the carpets and upholstery, you can shampoo the fibers to eliminate additional debris.

Professional Vehicle Detailing

When you don’t have the time for extensive vehicle cleaning, hire a professional cleaner. A knowledgeable vehicle detailer has the tools and cleaning supplies for removing debris from the smallest areas of a van, truck or sedan. You can bring your vehicle to a detailer’s location, or in some cases, the detailer will provide services at your own home. After hiring a detailer, you will have a vehicle that is spotless and that also smells fresh.

Fixing a Rock Chip on a Windshield

If a piece of gravel has chipped your vehicle’s windshield during the winter, then you can have it fixed in the spring by a knowledgeable technician. You can drive your vehicle to a repair shop like Coats Auto Body and Paint or someone similar, or a technician can bring the appropriate equipment to your property. It is possible for a technician to fix your windshield in approximately one hour by using a special device to apply vacuum pressure against the damaged area before injecting a durable clear resin into the chip. The technician will use an ultraviolet light to cure and dry the resin.

In addition to cleaning your vehicle after winter is over, make sure to wash, wax and repair it throughout the summer and into the autumn. If you have a warmer day in the winter, then take time to clean your vehicle to help it maintain its quality longer.

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