Beauty Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Little girls love to look and feel beautiful just like adults do! Why not pamper them a little with these fun and practical beauty gift ideas?

Emojination Beauty Makeup Palette

I wish I could tell you how many times both of my daughters have tried on my make-up. I’ve lost count because they still do it! Why not give them their own Beauty Makeup Palette that comes in an adorable emoji case? 

Emojination Beauty Makeup Palette is non-toxic and washable. It is suitable for ages 3+ and includes blush, lips gloss, eyeshadow, and Glitter Powder. Little girls will feel “all grown up” when they can do their makeup beside mommy! 

My youngest daughter is 11 and she was thrilled when she opened the box. The first thing she did was try on the lip gloss. Her older sister wanted to try the Glitter Powder and I hate to admit it, but she wasn’t willing to share!

Tuscan Hills Scented Hand Cream Set

Who doesn’t need hand cream for their purse? These travel size 1oz scented hand creams come in a nice little gift box and are the perfect addition to any handbag. With 6 marvelous fragrances to choose from, it may be hard to decide which one you’ll use first. 

Tuscan Hills Scented Hand Creams feature: English Rose, Vanilla Almond, French Lavender, Olive Harvest, and my favorite, Cherry Blossom. Protect those precious little hands from cracking this winter. Be prepared with a Tuscan Hills hand cream set!

My Beauty Spot Professional Salon Quality Rubber Hair Rollers

I haven’t met a little girl yet who doesn’t like curls! Or shall I say, a little girl who doesn’t love to get her hair done? 

My daughter asks me to flat iron, curl or french braid her hair daily. With heat styling products, you can easily damage their soft silky baby hair. That is why My Beauty Spot Rubber Hair Rollers are the perfect alternative to hot rollers.

These Rubber Hair Rollers include 10 soft rubber hair rollers. They are so clever and easy to use. Simply roll and bend without using clips. You can roll up an entire head of hair with one box. They come in multiple colors too! Rubber Hair Rollers are great for kids and adults who want to add a little volume and curl to their hair.

Any little or big girl would enjoy using all of these beauty gifts. I know we all have!

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