Come Fly With Me at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving #Flyaway

Skydiving for the entire family

I am afraid of heights.  Terribly afraid of heights.  So afraid of heights; that I’ve turned down an anniversary trip to Hawaii because we can’t drive there. (Come to think about it – he knew I was terrified before he offered… he knew I’d turn it down… Humph… he owes me an anniversary trip! {driving distance of course!}). 

When we got the opportunity to go “skydiving” I’ll admit I was a little skeptical (and yes scared).  I shouldn’t have been!  We had an absolute blast!  My husband, myself, and my three kids (ages 13-8) all went to the Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, TN and highly recommend it!

About Flyaway Indoor Skydiving:

At Flyaway, America’s first vertical wind tunnel, you can break the bonds of gravity and body fly. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving gives you the chance to test your skills of human flight during a single flight session or as a participant in a personalized coaching program. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is a popular training resource for sport skydivers, competition teams and military units. Our body flight experience can be your resource for corporate team-building programs and high adventure recreational groups.

If you have ever dreamed of going skydiving (like out of a real plane, in the air, going 100’s of mph – personally can’t imagine WHY anyone would dream of this but anywho), stop dreaming and start doing!  Flyaway is the PERFECT place to get practice and learn techniques and hand signals.  We sat through a short instructional video and even the youngest among the group felt well equipped to soar!

My little lady was a little nervous when we first entered the wind tunnel but she loosened up and wound up flying higher than the rest of us – and LOVED it!  As you can imagine before we had even exited the tunnel my boys were asking if we were going to do this again next year!  I’d say anything that gets my three kiddos to agree is a HUGE success!

If you’re planning a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN, in the words of my eleven year old you have to do “the coolest thing in Pigeon Forge!”. 

Take the experience home!

Get $5.00 off the Video Service at Flyaway. You’ll be able to show your friends an HD video of your flight saved on a USB thumbdrive. Bring your Flyaway USB back on your next visit and record any additional flights. Grab your $5 Off COUPON HERE.

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