Simple, Effective Ways That Families Can Save Money Every Day

Our homes have the potential to leak money from all directions. Bills, groceries, luxuries, overspending and bad planning, can all result in our wallets feeling less than healthy. And as a normal family, chances are you don’t have lots of money to throw around, and so every penny really does count. But what can you do to slash spending and save money without feeling deprived? Here are a few ideas.

Go Energy Efficient

One massive way we can save money at home is by being more energy efficient. Not only is this good for the environment but also for your bank balance too. Simply switching all of your light bulbs to energy efficient models can save you money- but if you have more to invest how about adding solar panels to your roof, having energy efficient windows added or having cavity wall and loft insulation done? These cost money up front but pay for themselves fairly quickly and after that allow you to save cash.

Cut Down on Grooming Costs

Even if you’re not a particularly high maintenance kind of person, you probably spend more on grooming than you might think. The occasional expensive lipstick, luxury shampoo, trips to the hairdresser or beauty salon. You can still look nice on a budget and do things far more cheaply. Have a look on Youtube for budget makeup reviews, you will be able to find ‘dupes’ which are inexpensive products which are almost identical in color/ texture/ performance to much higher end brands. Not all cheap products are going to be good, but there certainly are many great bargains out there. Instead of splashing out on barbers and hairdressers every few weeks, why not go for a low maintenance cut and color which will allow you to space out your visits. Cutting hair can be an informal matter– with a few simple hairdressing or barbering techniques, a good set of clippers and hair shears you could save yourself hundreds over the course of the year. You don’t have to neglect your appearance, instead, explore lower cost alternatives.

Ditch The Big Brands

Are you guilty of being sucked in by big brands when you’re at the grocery store? A lot of the time, we reach for these expensive brands as we’re under the impression that they are superior when it comes to quality. And sometimes it’s true, you do get what you pay for. But other times, you can find products that are similar in quality and that you might even prefer when it comes to taste. You don’t have to give up everything you like, instead be open to trying new things. Make swaps every time you buy food, and from there you can work out what you want to spend extra on when it comes to your hard earned cash. Don’t just assume and fork out for pricey brands unless you know you prefer them to the less expensive alternatives.


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