Mom of Boisterous Boys? 3 Non-Contact Sports Perfect For Them

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Many moms are surprised to see just how much energy their elementary age, preteen and teenage boys have. As they attempt to find ways to help get rid of all this energy, they may quickly run out of options. Sending boys out to play only works well for a short time until boys get bored in the backyard or start disappearing into their friends’ houses. Research into sports that could be good for energy-filled boys may leave parents worried that their children are going to end up with broken bones or concussions. Thankfully, several non-contact sports offer great outlets for energy and provide ways to help boys develop physically and mentally.


Swimming is a sport that can be done either by oneself or in a competitive scene. Boys may want to attend basic swim classes initially, learning the proper strokes and how to kick correctly. However, once they master this, competitive boys may want to join a traveling swim team to compete for speed against other boys of the same age. This sport builds entire body strength and can be relaxing for some children.

Martial Arts

Most martial arts do not require much real contact with other children. Instead, it teaches the mechanisms of the motions. Not only will boys be able to kick and punch the energy from their bodies, but also they will learn important lessons about respect, confidence, and self-discipline. Parents can choose from such options as karate and tae kwon do.


Boys who already love to roll around town on their bicycles may be interested in taking up cycling as a sport. Depending on where they live, they may want to take up mountain biking, street racing or competing at junior or elite levels. Of course, as with many other sports, cycling does require good safety equipment, such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads and cycling clothing, which can be purchased at professional cycling stores, including Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile Supply.

These are just three of the top noncontact sports for boys. Depending on a boy’s interests and age, he may also be interested in rock climbing, horseback riding, rowing, weight lifting, tennis, volleyball or archery. The key is for parents to choose an activity based on the unique personality and strengths of their sons. What may be an amazing lifelong interest for one boy could be a terribly boring or embarrassing experience for another. However, any noncontact sport will keep even boisterous boys free from concussions, sprains, broken bones and other injuries.

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