5 Useful Tips for Parents of Teen Wrestlers

If you are the parent of a teen who participates in teen wrestling at school, then you should have concerns about your child’s safety. Today, there are safety devices for all types of sports to prevent temporary or permanent injuries. Here are some of the things that you can buy or do to protect your son while he is wrestling.
Mouth Guard for His Teeth
It is essential to protect your child’s teeth and gums while he is wrestling. A dentist or an orthodontist can collect X-rays or molds of your son’s teeth and mouth to create customized mouth guards. Your son should wear the mouth guards during his practices and competitions to avoid an injury to the gums or teeth. It is important to remember that the mouth guards can degrade, or alternatively, the size of your son’s mouth can change, requiring a new mouth guard to protect his teeth. 

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At What Age is it Appropriate for Kids to Get Their Ears Pierced?

You may be wondering at what age getting your child’s ears pierced is appropriate. The truth is that there are so many factors that need to be considered that the right age is dependent on you. Here are some of the things that you’ll want to consider before you decide to have your child’s ears pierced.

Cultural Considerations

In some cultures, ear piercings are considered more normal than in others. For example, in Indian culture, both girls and boys will have at least one ear pierced in order to be more receptive to spiritual influence. There are other cultures that share in similar customs. The age at which the piercings occur is dictated by your personal religious beliefs as well as the practicality of having the piercings completed.

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Mom of Boisterous Boys? 3 Non-Contact Sports Perfect For Them

Image Source: Pexels

Many moms are surprised to see just how much energy their elementary age, preteen and teenage boys have. As they attempt to find ways to help get rid of all this energy, they may quickly run out of options. Sending boys out to play only works well for a short time until boys get bored in the backyard or start disappearing into their friends’ houses. Research into sports that could be good for energy-filled boys may leave parents worried that their children are going to end up with broken bones or concussions. Thankfully, several non-contact sports offer great outlets for energy and provide ways to help boys develop physically and mentally. Continue reading “Mom of Boisterous Boys? 3 Non-Contact Sports Perfect For Them”

Introducing Reebok’s ATV19 – HOT Back-to-School Item!



Introducing the ATV19, Reebok’s latest technology!   This is a HOT kids item for back to school this year.

The 19 lugs on the shoe allow for traction and performance on any surface.  They also provide a unique looking sole that really stands out.  You know as well as I do that kids love to have the coolest shoes!  Well, wait a minute, many adults do too! 😉

You can pick up a pair of  ATV19 online at Reebok starting at $59.99 for kids styles and $89.99 for adults.