At What Age is it Appropriate for Kids to Get Their Ears Pierced?

You may be wondering at what age getting your child’s ears pierced is appropriate. The truth is that there are so many factors that need to be considered that the right age is dependent on you. Here are some of the things that you’ll want to consider before you decide to have your child’s ears pierced.

Cultural Considerations

In some cultures, ear piercings are considered more normal than in others. For example, in Indian culture, both girls and boys will have at least one ear pierced in order to be more receptive to spiritual influence. There are other cultures that share in similar customs. The age at which the piercings occur is dictated by your personal religious beliefs as well as the practicality of having the piercings completed.

Family Preferences

Some families like to have their children’s ears pierced at a younger age, where others may decide to wait a little longer. There are even some family’s that would prefer that their children never have their ears pierced. For example, Amish families don’t allow ear piercings because it’s believed that it will attract worldly attention to the recipient. Whether you decide to have your child’s ears pierced or not is a very personal decision.

Infant Piercings

The recommendation for infant piercings is for your child to be at least six months or older. This is because the risk of infection is greater in a younger infant. Some pediatricians will even recommend waiting until after the first vaccinations to ensure that your child has a little bit of protection against disease. If you decide to have your infant’s ears pierced, make sure to go to a piercing studio that has the correct piercing jewelry supplies and is appropriately certified to do so.

Child-involved Decisions

In some instances, you may decide to wait until your child is of an age to make the determination for ear piercings on their own. Many people recommend waiting until your child is at least nine or ten before allowing them to make this decision. This is because of them being at a developmental stage that will allow your child to make a more informed decision about their own body. You may even decide to wait longer if your child is afraid or lacks the maturity to understand the consequences of decisions.

In summary, there is no appropriate age to have your child’s ears pierced. It’s a personal decision that’s based on many different factors that will influence your decision.

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