Awesome Backyard Lighting

If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard stand out, consider adding some decorative lighting. Outdoor lighting can add a lot of character to your space and create an inviting, vibrant, or cozy atmosphere. 

There are many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular types of backyard lighting and give you some ideas on how to arrange them.

A Backyard Chandelier

When you want to create a real atmosphere in the backyard but keep the upscale vibes, try out some outdoor chandelier lights. Whether you have an outdoor dining table or just need a focal point in the garden, a ceiling light fixture can add drama and elegance to any space.

You can even find one that is solar charged so that you don’t have to run a cord out into your yard and keep everyone a little safer. There are several color options too, so you can go with the traditional gold or mix it up to try a blue or red chandelier.

Making Planters Into Lights

Take the hanging planters you can find at any home goods store and get rid of any material that isn’t part of the hanger itself. Attach a little white, translucent bowl in the middle to put a solar light inside. Guests will love when the sun sets and your backyard comes to life with a soft light.

If you really want to make an impact, toss a few of these up in different places around your yard or gazebo. This, along with some more soft lights added in well-thought-out areas, could give your backyard the atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

Mason Jars with Fairy Lights

glass mason jars with fairy lights

People have been using mason jars for everything lately, which is why this is a great option for backyard lighting. You can buy some fairy lights at your local dollar store and put them in any jar you have laying around. This works well to light up pathways, set an intimate tone around the fire pit, or just add some light to a dark corner of the yard. 

If you’re crafty, you could always paint the jars to add a little pop of color. Just make sure that the light can shine through. 

Grapevine Balls Filled with Light

The organic texture of grapevine balls makes them a perfect option to use in your backyard. You can wrap it around your exterior light fixture or even hang them from a tree or gazebo.

To add some extra light, you can fill these grapevine balls with solar lights and watch as they glow all night long. This type of lighting is great for adding an intimate atmosphere to any space in the garden without making the light fixture an eyesore. For those that love the nature aspect of their yard, these will be the perfect addition to any home.

Edison Bulb Light Strands

Edison bulbs have made a huge splash in outdoor lighting, and you’d be right on trend to add a few strands to your backyard.

There are so many different ways to use these light strands:

  • you could wrap them around trees
  • hang them from the gazebo
  • string them along your fence line.

Not only do they give off a warm glow, but they also add some extra character to your space. These lights make an impact when people lay their eyes on them, so make sure whatever you’re lighting up is just as good as the lights.

Ladders with Light Strands

If you really want to keep people on their toes, try hanging a ladder from your backyard tree and then wrap some strand lights across it. It might seem a little odd, but as long as your backyard fits the theme, it will look magical. This type of lighting is perfect for those that want a whimsical touch to their backyard that isn’t too over the top. If you really want to make an impression, you could use some neon along the ladder.

Watering Cans

To make a cute little scene in your backyard garden, you can take a watering can and hang it from a small pole that sits next to a garden bed. Then, attach the end of your fairy lights to the area where water is supposed to come out of the watering can. String up a few lights, and you’ll make an illusion that makes it seem like the lights are pouring out of the watering can like water. It’s the perfect conversation piece when you’re having a few people over to the home and want to make an impression without going overboard.

Lighting Up Your Yard

There is no shortage of awesome outdoor lighting ideas to try the next time you’re sprucing up the yard. You can find lighting designs for any theme: whimsical, elegant, fun, traditional, and more. The next time you’re redoing the backyard, come take a look at this list to get some great ideas.


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