Quirky Lighting Options for Your Home

When considering lighting options for our homes, there are so many variations to choose from. There are actually stores dedicated to lighting fixtures and lighting fixtures alone because the choice is enormous. Thankfully, because of this choice, it means our homes can be decked out in the best lighting possible! Many of the lighting options nowadays are pretty common and generic. However, there are also some cool and quirky options too. These options can make a home feel more modern and even more personalized as it means we can put our spin on the interior design. Plus, they make for a great talking point!

Neon signs

Designed for a homeowner that wants to stand out and make an impact, the elusive neon light is becoming more and more popular. Long gone are the days when it was only used in shops and bars. Nowadays, it’s a prominent feature in many homes. Perhaps it’s because it can really brighten a room, or maybe it’s because it’s great fun, but either way, the neon light is here, and it’s here to stay! Neon lights are an incredibly versatile light, and although most are custom-made, ready-made lights can also be bought as well. If you were to look at the lights made by Neon Mama, you would see just how many variations there are. From astronauts to basketball players, written phrases, and pets, the possibilities for a neon light seem endless. That’s not even considering the variations of color too! Neon lights can be made of any neon color and any color will make a great impact hanging on a wall. 

Salt lamps

Bedside tables often need a lamp. This is so that when you’re in bed and starting to doze off to sleep, the light is gentler on your eyes. If you were to have the main light on, it might take a while to doze off as the light is usually quite bright. However, many bedroom lamps can look ugly and outdated. Thankfully, that’s where the salt lamp comes in. Yes, that’s right, a lamp made out of salt. These lamps are carved out of Himalayan salt and are rumored even to have some health benefits too. So aside from looking quirky, they’re also meant to have healing properties. There’s something very appealing about a lamp with a dual purpose.

Animal shaped lamps

Animal-shaped lamps are perhaps the quirkiest kinds of lamps there are. They’re sure to make a subtle statement and bring life to any interior design. Essentially, an animal-shaped lamp is just a lamp with an animal for or around the body of the lamp. These lamps are usually oddly shaped as the lamp is designed around an animal. Common animals used are giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, birds, and dogs. With giraffe lamps, sometimes the head can even appear over the lampshade’s top, which is rather cute. These lamps are designed to be fun but with sophistication in mind. They’re usually made from brass or copper, or any other type of durable metal. Usually paired with a sleek lampshade, these lamps look stylish, unique, and expensive. 

We don’t often think about it, but lighting can have a massive impact on the interior design of our home as well as our emotions. Dark or dimmed lighting can change the color of a room very quickly and make everything else look dark, even if it’s not. This can affect our mood and conceal all of the efforts that have gone into the interior design. This isn’t to say that lighting has to be as bright as possible, and there are occasions where dimmed lighting may be preferred. However, choosing the right lighting for a room is incredibly important. 


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