Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

The perfect decor looks combine form and function so that things look good but also serve a purpose. The things that matter shouldn’t just look good, they have to improve your quality of life or optimize your lifestyle. 

A really good example of this is window treatments, they aren’t meant to only be pleasing to the eye, they serve a very specific purpose in your home. Depending on the room they’re in, they provide privacy, sun protection, or even just making a space feel more warm by creating a barrier between the cold window pane and the room. 

For this reason, it’s important to choose your window treatments carefully. As with many other pieces that you buy for your home, it’s an investment, so taking the time to make the right decision is really important. 

There are several options for window treatments, from gorgeous, colorful, dramatic curtains to classy shutters, venetian and bistro blinds. You’re not limited to just one thing, but that can make the decision a lot more challenging at times. If you focus on your priorities, you’ll have an easier time making your choice. 

Here are the considerations you need to make before you buy window treatments. 

The Room & Its Function 

Whether you’re buying something to cover your windows in your living room or your office, the needs won’t be the same. 

For example, in a bedroom, you would want your window treatments to give you full coverage for privacy, and to make sure that daylight doesn’t interrupt your sleep in the morning. In this case, blackout curtains would be the choice. 

If you want a bit more control over how much light your room receives throughout the day, blinds would be a better option. If you have a home office that gets a lot of sun during the day, blinds would allow you to control it so you’re not getting hit by direct sunlight as you do your Zoom calls. 

You might have additional requirements if you’re a video content creator. Many people who record videos actually prefer sheer curtains because they serve as a really good light diffuser so the room doesn’t look overexposed on camera. 


If you’ve opted for curtains in your home, one of the hardest decisions is definitely color. You want something that goes with your decor, but also something that gives the room the right energy. 

Curtains that are too dark can make the room feel too moody, and curtains that are too light can rob the room of a warm and inviting feeling. 

Neutral colors will always win because they give you the best balance, and allow your curtains to enhance the room instead of swallowing up the effect of the rest of your decor. 


Smart home features aren’t just for lighting and plugs, they can be used for your window treatments too! You can invest in a nifty little gadget that allows you to open and close your curtains or blinds from an app on your phone. It can even do it on a set schedule. 

If this is something you want your window treatments to have, factor that into your decision and do the research about what installing the curtain controller would entail. 

Problem Solving 

Window treatments are also a great way to solve certain aesthetic issues in your home. 

  • If your ceilings feel too low, you can install your curtain rods or blinds at a higher level to pull the eye upwards and give the look of high ceilings. 
  • You can also use curtains to divide an open plan room into sections. This can come in handy if you’re using part of the space as a workspace. If you live in a studio apartment, curtains can divide your bedroom from your living space. 
  • If you live in a dated rental, temporary window treatments allow you to make the space feel more modern and more like your own unique space, not someone else’s. 

Set and Forget or Open Frequently

Some rooms have window treatments that will be opened and closed daily, and other rooms can keep windows and blinds closed most of the time. This can also just be a personal preference. 

If that’s the case, make sure you choose the right item. If you keep curtains closed at all times, you might want to consider something that’s not fully blacked out so that some light can still come through. 

When you’re picking what to dress your windows with, don’t rush. Take the time to think about your must-haves, nice-to-haves and irrelevants, and then find out as much as you can before you do the big installation. You’ll come out of this process with the right choice for you and your home. 

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