5 Signs Your Drain Needs to Be Cleaned

Few things cause headaches in your home more than a clogged drain. You stand in the shower in ankle-deep water because the drain slowly lets the water through. Or worse, the toilet clogs repeatedly, leaving behind unwanted smells and potential overflows. Not only is the mess dirty and time-consuming, but these signs can end up being the start of a major plumbing problem. When you see these signs, it’s time to call in professionals to clean your drain.

Frequent Clogs

One sure sign you need a drain cleaning is if you have frequent clogs. It isn’t reasonable to experience clogs in the toilet or sink on a monthly or weekly basis. Continually plunging the drain by yourself may only be a temporary fix. These frequent clogs may be an indicator of a much bigger problem. Delaying to call a company such as New Canadian Drain & Plumbing to clean the drain can lead to a major clog.

Multiple Clogs

As much as frequent clogs in a drain are a problem, numerous clogged drains could mean a bigger issue. This is especially true if the drains are clogged in different rooms. The main sewer line may have a clog in it that is inaccessible by most homeowners. Professional plumbers can find and remove the clog eliminating the plumbing issue.

Strange Smells

A clogged drain doesn’t allow for old water and other items to go through the plumbing smoothly. The result is mysterious smells moving through your home. They may start in the bathroom, but then you may notice them in the kitchen or another side of the house. Waste can sit in the drain rather than moving beyond because of a clog. Not to mention that a clog also traps sewer gases allowing them entry into your home.

Slow Drains

Usually, homeowners notice slow drains in tubs, showers, and sinks. You wash your face in the sink and see the water doesn’t immediately go down the drain. Something may be stuck in the drain causing the liquid to move through the pipe slowly. Common culprits include soap, hair, and grease. The build-up will eventually lead to a full clog where no water runs through.

Odd Sounds

A final indicator you need to have your drains cleaned is when you hear weird noises coming from the drains. The air in the drain can cause gurgling sounds. Cleaning the drain removes the unwanted air that can lead to clogs and trapped gas. Call the experts before you have a bigger problem on your hands.


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  1. Thank you so much for explaining why strange smells can eventually come out of drains if they’re not unclogged for a long time. This helped me understand the strange food-waste smell we’ve been getting in our kitchen for the past few days, mainly because we’ve been home cooking a lot more often and putting our drains through a lot of stress. I’ll have a plumbing professional help us unclog this right away before these smells get any worse.

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