Activities for Bored Teenagers

If you have a teenager in your home, then you already know they can get bored…and fast! While the spring season drives in the warmer weather, your teen may still find themselves bored with nothing to do. Here are some awesome activities to keep your teens busy this spring, ones they can do alone or with friends.

Outdoor Activities

• Go hiking on a new trail
• Ride an ATV on a trail
• Attend a local baseball game
• Head to the park for a picnic
• Go camping in the woods
• Take a bike ride on a new trail
• Take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood
• Check out a local historical site
• Visit a local animal farm
• Take horseback riding lessons
• Go strawberry picking
• Stand out in the rain…and dance if you want

Arts and Crafts Activities

• Try a new smoothie recipe
• Create a new snack mix recipe
• Make a friendship bracelet
• Make a music video
• Start a journal
• Make your own website
• Read your favorite books
• Create a playlist of your favorite songs
• Start a vegetable garden

Nostalgic Activities (Activities they enjoyed as a kid)

• Fly a kite at the local park
• Jump in puddles after it rains
• Dig in the dirt…just because
• Get a container of bubbles and blow them around the backyard
• Climb a tree in your yard
• Head to the nearest playground and slide on the slides
• Find the nearest pond and feed the ducks corn, oats or lettuce

Fun Activities

• Join a book club
• Attend a spring community event
• Make a summer bucket list
• Volunteer at your local soup kitchen

Dating Activities (Activities for older teens)

• Head to your local amusement park
• Visit the local zoo and pet your favorite animals
• Have dinner outdoors at sunset
• Take in a free concert in the park
• Go for a round of miniature golf
• Take a stroll around downtown and take in the sights
• Visit your local botanical gardens

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