Winter’s Floral Decor Ideas for Vineyard Weddings

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You and your fiance undoubtedly want to make the most of your big day, so you might need some decoration ideas to make the event more personal and memorable. Winter weddings are always majestic, to say the least, and vineyards have been quite popular among couples lately.

You and your partner have set the date, picked out a venue, and found the perfect destination, but now you have to set the romantic aura without hiring a specialist. Although spring makes it easy for couples to choose floral decorations, winter is not a flourishing season. So what do you do if you want your wedding to have it all? 

Researching and idea bombing will help you with creating a truly magnificent scene to say your vows. 

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Flower Arrangement Ideas

Floral decorations are crucial for the romantic wedding aesthetic you want. You can place beautiful flowers anywhere around the venue. The vineyard is beautiful scenery on its own, painting it colorful with flowers is going to make it more majestic in winter. You can browse Pinterest to get a visual idea of different decorations.


You can arrange the flowers in a lot of beautiful ways for them to make sense, be practical, and spark joy. One of the placements you and your future spouse can use is the barrel. Flowers placed on barrels or around them are very popular at vineyard weddings. 

Depending on your and your partner’s taste, altars are very beautiful with flowers around them. You can even put up an altar made of flowers to stand beneath with your future spouse and exchange vows in the magical atmosphere.

Additional Decor

Candles not only add romance to the mix, but they are also suitable for winter weddings. You can design the vineyard venue with many beautiful flowers and candles together, as a gorgeous passage to the aisle and as table decorations.

You can use wine bottles as vases to place beautiful floral decorations on the table to fit the theme of a vineyard winter wedding. The seats for the guests near the altar can also be decorated with flower arrangements. 

Adding flowers to the mix with chocolates and fruit is going to bring you a lot of aesthetic pleasure as well. The guests will forget to taste the treats as they will become mesmerized by the design. 

If you still find it difficult to arrange the flowers at a winter vineyard wedding, you can always hire designers or property management companies to assist you with the management of your venue. 

image by Anna Siracusa | Pexels

Perfect Flowers For A Vineyard Winter Wedding

Now that you have chosen the placements and the arrangements, it’s time to pick the perfect flowers for your winter wedding at a vineyard. 


Brides and grooms usually go for white flowers at winter weddings. The most wonderful thing about beautiful Anemones is that you can find them in various colors. The white flowers with black centers blend in with the winter aesthetic but they are also easy to spot.

Mixed Anemones with your winter wedding decorations will be an enjoyable sight. If you choose to decorate your venue with white Anemones, you will see how well it fits the aesthetic.

Christmas Roses

Christmas is the most popular winter holiday, if not the most popular holiday of the year. Therefore, adding a little bit of a Christmas feeling to your winter wedding might be desirable for you and your partner. 

Christmas Roses are red and white and spark a lot of joy in the season. You can carry them as your wedding bouquet and decorate the tables with them. Christmas Roses also go with the vineyard venue theme, as they are red and white like wine. 


If you want a soft pink decor mixing with the white winter and green vineyard, Camellias might do the job for you. These beautiful flowers bloom in the winter and their blush stands out against the dark green leaves. 

However, if you don’t want to betray the all-white aesthetic of winter, you can still find all-white Camellias, or if you are lucky, you could get your hands on half-pink half-white Camellias and make your wedding the most memorable one your guests have ever attended!


There are many ideas you can come up with while decorating your vineyard winter wedding with flowers. From using wine bottles as vases to decorating with candles, you can create a mesmerizing and romantic special day for you and your partner. You have a wide range of gorgeous flowers to choose from as the rarest and the prettiest of them bloom in winter. 

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