7 Valentines Day Gifts for The Non-Conventional Lady

Is your lady hard to buy for?  HELP IS HERE !

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Hard to buy for Ladies

I am NOT a candy and flower kinda gal.  Candy adds padding I do NOT need and flowers, well they die.  My man HATES Valentine’s day, not only because he thinks it’s a fake fabricated holiday, but because I’m impossible to buy for.  So guys, listen up!  I’m giving you a list of things you can totally rock this Valentines day with.  Take notes… seriously… get your pen and paper… like now!

1. A new washer/dryer

I know, I know lots of $$$ but this one is for the deep pocketed guys.  If you’re going this route, you can NOT skimp.  Get the best there out there.  If you really want to turn your lady on – YOU use it for the first time! 😉

2.  Mail order food service

This is all the rage right now.  There are so many to choose from.  It makes food prep beyond simple and what woman wouldn’t love a break from grocery shopping?!?

3.  House cleaning service for 3 months (or better yet a year)

Need I say more?  If your lady is a mom, this one is even better.  Every lady would love to cross this chore off the list of things to do – you guys just may get rewarded quite nicely for this one (wink, wink)!

4.  A girls night out

Now this one may sound like an easy one, but guys you HAVE to put some thought into it.  Don’t just say, “hey babe go enjoy a night out…”.  Take some steps with your dude friends and arrange a night to keep the kids for the ladies and INSIST she pampers herself and enjoys a stress free evening.

5.  Delivery, movie, and kid free night (with no expectations from you, ahem)

This is simple but so needed.  When’s the last time you sat on the couch, just the two of you and watched tv without arguing in the background or bottoms to wipe?  She’ll love it.  Again, a little thought and planning required – and it MUST be the sappiest chick flick out!

6. A tree

You may be scratching your head at this one. but this one has the potential to be the most romantic.  Assuming you have a yard, plant a tree and attach a poem written by YOU.  Something along the lines of: a token to measure our love with each passing year or as this tree, our love will grow stronger and deeper with time… You get the gist – write your heart (maybe even carve something in the bark…) 

If you can’t plant a tree, find one to carve in.  My sweet guy carved our initials in a huge rock behind our house to propose.  We’ll have that memory and token of his love for generations to come!

7.  Nothing

No Kids.  No alarm clock. No lunch boxes. No chauffeuring. No laundry.  A day with no expectations.  A day devoted to only what she wants and needs.  You may want to throw in a little cash for her to do “nothing” with. 🙂

Bonus: Something on Her Wishlist

Fancy yourself as a real-life James Bond? Put your reconnaissance skills into good use by snooping around to find the items on her wishlist. The places you can check include her Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. Whether she desires a life-size sword replica, a new pair of boots, or an art painting kit, get her what she wants, no questions asked. 

Whether you choose one of these or something of your own, for me, it truly is the thought that counts.  If my guy shows up with a box of chocolate and a single rose, I’ll still be happy.  Knowing that you care and put a little effort into showing your love is all we gals want, It’s not the size of the gift it’s the heart behind it!

If you have some unique ideas, please share – I’d love to hear!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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