The Best Curly Hair Care Tips and Hacks

It is tough for women to work around their hair especially during holidays, since they are spending time with family and friends or preparing food for them, cleaning the house etc. 

Women who have been full of glamour in their younger years may have trouble keeping up with their curly tresses but with interesting hacks and tips shared here, one can ensure that their hair remains beautiful and flawless. Here are some tips and techniques to ensure beautiful curls:

Medium-Short Style

If you have short hair, then here are few hairstyles will make you look cute. You’ll see that the style could look ordinary in some hair but with a pink bow, it looks definitely trendy. Use hair accessories to spice up regular hairstyles. You can take tips from professional hair stylists when using flashy bins, ties, and bows for hair. Extensions look good with these hairstyles.

Twisted Updo Styles

Those who have curly hair use a lot of hairpins. The hairdo presents the ‘WOW’ factor you need. One just has to roll, tuck and pin the hair with a few twists, It is an easy style although the elegance one can achieve with curly hair is magnificent.

Easy Stretched Hair UpDo

For stretched hair that needs change, you need to wash your hair. But if you do are not able to do that, you can rely on this updo. This easy stretched hair updo can be done in 15 minutes with not many skills needed. You just have to roll, tuck and pin the hair with the updo and you will look fantastic for the party.

Messy Topknot

This topknot brings the curls alive with some great chutzpah to your personality. The traceless hair rings keep the hair bun secure, and adorably messy. It is advisable to let some tendrils be left as is, for a magnificent look!

Corset Braid

The Corset Braid relies on the French braiding technique that leads braids on both sides of the head. It also features the pulled-back secured hairstyle that resembles a low mohawk-style ponytail. One can wrap it under and secure the cinched look when finished.

Soft Knots Headwrap Hairstyle

If you are not quite convinced about changing hairstyles then I take it you do not care about your hair or just lack the skills. The headwrap hairstyle though is outstanding especially if you lack the time to take care of your curls. This headwrap is gorgeous and is perfect for a number of occasions.

For ladies who already have long, curly hair, the half lob hairstyle is subtle and glamorous. It can be done by shortening the locks into a lob-length style elegantly. The hair once rested on one side resembles old Hollywood glam at its best!

Watch the Tutorial Here


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