7 Gift Ideas for Your Arty Friends

image by Danni Jing | Unsplash

Having arty friends is a blast. They show you interesting galleries, take incredible pictures, and make handmade gifts for your birthday. Plus, they are the best friends to have when you’re redecorating the home or need a spot to purchase unique furniture or second-hand clothing.

The question is, how can you pay them back for all the brilliant knowledge they’ve passed on over the years? If your arty friend’s birthday is coming up, the following gifts are sure to make them happy.  

An art gallery is like a second home for arty types, especially if they’re into painting. That’s why tickets to an art gallery make the ideal gift. You could take them somewhere a little more unique, like Woodbury House Art. Its main selections include the works of Richard Hambleton and Blek le Rat – both exciting artists in their own right. By taking your art friend to a gallery that isn’t first on the list on Trip Advisor, they are less likely to have been before, and therefore thank you for showing them a hidden gem!

2: A Sketchbook

The chances are, your arty friend has already bought plenty of art supplies over the years. The great thing about giving them a drawing book is that they will definitely need it eventually! When they turn to the last page of their current one, they’ll know they have the sketchbook you gifted to them.

3: A New Paintbrush

If your friend paints frequently, they probably already have a ton of paintbrushes and paints taking up space at home, meaning a paint set might not come in handy. However, a high-quality, unique paintbrush might be just what they need for creative inspiration! Choose a special paintbrush that doesn’t come in standard sets, and your friend will enjoy creating new images on paper.

4: A Unique Piece of Art

While your friend likely already has art hanging in their home, they will still probably want more. That’s why giving them a unique piece of art is a good idea. Take your time choosing the print. Make sure it appeals to their tastes while being something they’ve never bought. Enlisting the help of a similarly arty friend might be necessary!

5: A Book Full of Art

Many people see art books as coffee table books – the type you peruse when waiting for someone to meet you. That doesn’t include arty people. Instead, they cherish art books and slowly peruse them when searching for inspiration. Gift your artsy friend an art book, and they will have another to add to that collection.

image by Eleonora | Unsplash

6: A Jewelry-Making Kit

Does your arty friend love crafts? If so, give them something new to create by getting them a jewelry-making kit. They will love crafting their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Plus, you might receive a pretty, homemade gift in return!

7: Art-inspired T-shirts

Does your friend love Vincent Van Goh? Perhaps they can’t get enough of Monet? Give them a unique art-focused t-shirt, so they can wear the paintings that they love. The Van Goh enthusiast will love a t-shirt with Starry Night printed on it!

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