5 Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Safe at Home

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Having a toddler is no easy task. They like to roam, crawl, climb, bite, and everything in between! That’s a good sign, as it shows they are curious about the world. However, as a parent, it can leave you at the end of your tether, as you’re constantly worried about your little one injuring themselves.

Luckily, you can take steps to keep your little one safe. Use these helpful tips to keep your home as safe as possible for your toddler to thrive.

1: Use Soft Play Mats

Toddlers love to crawl around and play. You might find that many areas in your home aren’t ideal for that, though. That’s why play mats are so helpful. By putting down a play mat, you create a safe area where your little one can play until their heart’s content. Not only is it softer and, therefore, safer, but it is also more hygienic, so it protects your toddler from picking up germs.

Of course, finding the correct type of mat is essential to ensure you gain these benefits. Play Mats are ideal, as they are made of non-toxic EVA foam, which is the safest for playing on. Plus, they have a range of different colors and styles. Some are multicolored, while others have patterns or even numbers. Your little one will love the soft feeling, fun colors, and interesting shapes.

2: Push Pan Handles Back and Cook on the Back Stove

Little arms can reach higher than you’d think. One significant home risk is your toddler reaching up to grab a pan handle, only to bring down an entire hot pan on themselves. To avoid this, always push the pan handles back, ensuring no hands can reach the handles. Get into the habit of cooking on the back stove, too, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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3: Secure Furniture, Shelves, and TVs

As toddlers move around, they like to grab anything and everything. They might grab sofas, tables, chairs, bookshelves – anything they can get their hands on. However, a problem occurs when they hold furniture that’s not secure, as they could move the furniture onto themselves, resulting in an accident. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to prevent this: secure all furniture, including your shelves and TVs. That way, no matter how much your little one grabs on, the furniture won’t budge.

4: Lock All Medications Away

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s so important that it is worth mentioning. If you have any medications in the house, whether that’s vitamins, painkillers, or a prescription, always keep them out of reach and locked away. Doing so ensures your toddler never gets their hands on them!

5: Use Safety Gates

One dangerous area in the home for toddlers is the stairs. If they try to crawl up, they may fall back down again. If they end up at the top, they could fall from there and seriously injure themselves.

While you will prevent your child from getting too close to the stairs, toddlers can move quickly, so installing safety gates at the bottom and the top of the stairs is helpful.

You can also place safety gates in other areas of the house for increased toddler safety. For example, if you have a room you don’t want your little one crawling into, install a gate there so they don’t make their way through without an adult’s assistance.

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