6 Travel Warnings Moms Shouldn’t Ignore

If you have a big trip coming up, it’s crucial that you check the travel warnings before you go, and this is even more important when you’re visiting a foreign country. Many travelers neglect to do this, but failure to do so can leave you unprepared for potential issues. In some cases, not checking travel warnings could even leave you in danger. Here are the most important travel warnings that you should make sure to check before you book your trip and the day before you leave.

Criminal and Terrorist Activity

When you live in a fairly safe area, you shouldn’t assume that anywhere you choose to visit will be the same way. Some other countries have much higher crime rates and terrorist activity, and you can’t always rely on a country’s law enforcement to keep you safe. Fortunately, you can check this very easily using the U.S. Department of State.


The U.S. Department of State’s site can provide safety information on any country you’re interested in visiting, and it also has a map that color codes every area of the world by how risky it is to visit there. Even if you’re not going somewhere known for violent crime, there could be some common scams that con artists use on unsuspecting tourists. Educating yourself on them ahead of time will help you prevent anyone from stealing your belongings.


Now, this doesn’t mean you should be paranoid about what could go wrong and avoid taking a great trip because of that. If you’re worried, do some additional research online, looking in particular for accounts written by other travelers about the area you’re planning to visit. Places often get a bad reputation when they’re actually not very dangerous.

Health Concerns

Going somewhere new means you’re at risk for new diseases and health issues. The worst-case scenario would be traveling somewhere with a highly infectious disease going around, but you could also pick up something if you don’t get the proper vaccinations before you go. Every area has its own common diseases, and vaccinations that protect you in your home country may not be sufficient for the infections in another.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides travel health notices listing diseases in certain areas and recommendations on whether you need to practice enhanced precautions in an area or avoid it entirely if possible. You can search the site for specific countries or diseases, as well. It’s also a good idea to see your doctor for a checkup before your trip and ask them about any vaccinations you’ll need.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Although this seems obvious, it’s something people often forget to check. Remember to check for adverse weather warnings for anywhere you’re traveling, whether that’s a Caribbean destination or you’re simply hiring movers in San Antonio and heading to Dallas.

If there are any storms or other issues that could interfere with your trip, then you may want to adjust your travel dates. While airlines typically do this without charging you any fees when the weather is the cause, you’ll have more alternate options if you change your trip before the last minute, when everyone will be trying to do so.

Airline Issues

Airline issues don’t happen often, but they can be a major inconvenience when they do. Every airline provides travel notices and delays information on their websites, but it’s also a good idea to subscribe to travel alerts through either email or text message when you book a flight. This will ensure that you’re kept up to date with any changes regarding your flight without needing to constantly check yourself.

When you plan your travels well, there usually isn’t too much to worry about. It’s still a good idea to stay up to date regarding the travel warnings, though, because being prepared can help you avoid problems that would otherwise negatively impact your trip. To keep yourself informed, take a look at the travel warnings listed above, which will have you fully prepared for anything that could happen.


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  1. Health Concerns is definitely a worry for me while traveling. Precautions are really necessary.

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