Beach Approved – Beach Essentials Every Girl Needs

With the summer fast approaching, every girl wants to be ready for the hot beach days. In addition to toning our bodies and going on a healthy diet, we need cute accessories and a few other essentials if we really want to stand out and look good. If you’re wondering how you can make this year’s summer more memorable and fun, look no further. We come to your help with the thing every stylish woman needs to make her feel sexy and comfortable at the beach.


Since we apply sunscreen on our faces through the entire year, this won’t be a problem, right? There is no right time to get lazy with your SPF, especially not in summer when the danger of skin damage increases significantly. You will need high protection if you plan to spend time at the beach, especially if you intend to sunbathe. Don’t think you’re done after you’ve applied it once either – sunscreen needs to be applied every two hours for it to be truly effective. So, get something with a high SPF and slather it on your skin generously. You’ll be grateful when you end up with a glowing tan instead of sunburn.

Oversized bag


Where can you pack all your things if not in an XXL bag? Big bags are always trendy in summer and they look cute as hell in addition to being super practical. They can be made of sailcloth, canvas, or even straw. Just make sure the material is something that can handle sand and salt water without getting damaged. This is really no time for your black leather handbag.

Cute bathing suit

Who goes to the beach without a proper bathing suit? Unless you’re going to a nudist beach, you’ll need something cute and colourful to look stylish. Pick something in your favourite colour and make sure it suits your body type. Bikinis are nice, but beautiful one piece swimwear looks good on just about anyone and it’s the height of fashion this year. It’s perfect if you intend to swim, or if you’re looking for something flattering that won’t make you feel insecure about your flaws.


To keep your eyes safe and to add a touch of cool to your style, get a pair of sunglasses that flatter your face. The glare of the sun can really damage your vision, so it’s not just about fashion. Sunglasses are a necessity and they make anyone look pretty good. Just be careful not to scratch them as you shove them in your big bag along with all the other things.

Wide-brimmed hat

Are you looking to be a mysterious fashion diva at the beach? A wide brimmed hat will keep your head cool and give your outfit a touch of elegance. It can protect you from a heat stroke and it’s very helpful if you like to relax and read a book because it gives you just enough shade to prevent the sun glare from blinding you.

Colourful towel

Something soft and huge is what you want to go for at the beach. A fun, colourful towel is perfect if you don’t have a beach chair. You can just spread it anywhere you want, lie down, and work on getting that tan.

A good book

This is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Whether you want a light-hearted romance, a fun fictional novel, or something more serious, bring a book to keep you company and entertain you.

Pay attention to these few essentials and you’ll look your best this summer. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated and remember to enjoy yourself and take the time to really relax.


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