Prepare for Your Next Road Trip: Should You Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

Guest post contributed by Marie Nieves 


Thankfully, we live in a time when the transportation industry is as serviceable as it is widespread. Road trips are a luxury most of us can afford nowadays, but the preparation for it can be a real headache. One of the decisions that can come up based on a range of factor is related to the titular vehicle – to rent or not to rent?

Consider the family

Let’s begin before those wheels start rollin’, shall we? Chances are some of us live with many family members in our household. In those households, there’s a great chance you’ll see at least two adults that are working hard for their income. This can present quite a vehicular issue once the topic of road trip arises.


Picture this – since we are living in a time when most of our lives revolve around our jobs, there’s a big possibility you will be stuck in the car with all the kids and/or teenagers, while the other adult has to stay at home because of work. In this case, it would be very considerate to rent a car, especially if the workplace of this other adult is not a walking distance away.

This is, of course, contextual. In any way, if you share the ownership of one car and there’s another adult in the house that can’t join you for the road trip, renting a car is definitely a better solution.

Comfort is important

A road trip is, by definition, significantly longer than your casual drive. You are supposed to spend a lot of time in that vehicle, so the question of a comfortable car interior comes into the spotlight.


Cars rented at reputable agencies usually come clean and without the superfluous stuff. This will give you leeway to plan how to use the extra space and enjoy that appealing scent of a clean fragrance. On the other hand, your own car is your own kingdom, and nothing can replace that. You know its every corner better than anyone and that sort of environment might give you a comfortable “homely” feeling, even though you are on the road.

The terrain can make the decision for you

Do you plan to climb the colossal Appalachian Mountains or conquer the Australian outback? Well, I’ll bet you don’t really own a car that is made to trek across this rugged terrain. Most cars today are made to plow through the concrete jungle we call the city. In this case, renting an off-road vehicle is almost a must.


Since each trip carries an element of unpredictability and risk, going through a thorough checkup before you set off is a responsible thing to do. If the checkup raises technical red flags, a mobile mechanic can provide a detailed diagnosis and a complete service that will leave your car in a perfect condition for the road trip.

When fuel is concerned, a road trip can have a steep price tag

This can go both ways and it really depends on the type of car you own. If you own an eco-friendly hybrid or, to put it bluntly, a car that simply doesn’t spend much, then rent-a-car shouldn’t even cross your mind. It’s all about mileage from this point on, and it’s crucial to save up as much money as you possibly can. After all, a quick stop at the gas station can be replaced with an entire meal or a big treat for everyone involved.


Whichever angle you look at it from, renting a car is a matter of necessity. It is dictated by the type of road trip you are embarking on and there is always a financial aspect to it. Once you consider these factors carefully, you’ll be clear to concentrate on the sheer joy of road trippin’.

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Marie Nieves is a student and a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on several blogs.
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