10 Wonderful Attractions of Dubai. Number 7 is Absolutely Stunning

Dubai occupies the 7th position among the world’s most visited cities by tourists. It is known worldwide for its magnificent skyscrapers. It is a signature of excellence. On your trip to Dubai, you will discover a whole new world. It is a culture collision. It is among the exciting destinations within your reach. One can witness a rich collection of architectural styles in this city. There are numerous large shopping hubs in Dubai.

Wonderful Attractions of Dubai

Discover the top attractions of Dubai to get some tips about your next planned trip to this city of dreams. These are the most appealing tourist places that travelers need to explore during their tours. Visit to Dubai is an unforgettable one.

Burj Khalifa

Your sightseeing in Dubai is incomplete without observing the city from the above.

This landmark building is on the list of tourist places of every traveler’s list. Burj Khalifa runs on superlatives, from the world’s tallest building to the glitziest malls. Hold on your hat as the world’s third fastest elevator will take you to take you to the top the building in no time. The giant bird eye views from the top observatory deck of this iconic artwork is an experience of a lifetime. Such observations will blow your mind. You will witness the desert on one side and the blue ocean on the other side.

Wild Wadi

It is a famous amusement park located near Burj Khalifa. This park is packed with different types of fun-filled rides. This spectacular park allows you to unleash your inner child. You will also get a chance to experience an aquatic roller coaster at this park. You can consider it a perfect place to visit with your family. Here you will also get to know about the Arabian folklore. The Wild Wadi is based on this Arabic folklore.

Jumeirah Beach

Next to the spectacular twisting skyscrapers is the glamorous Jumeria Beach.  

You can enjoy a picturesque sunset view at this beach. This place is ideal for all travelers. A series of exotic hotels are lined up on the road leading to this beach. These hotels provide delicious food and world-class facilities. The majestic view of the sunset at the beach makes it a picture-perfect destination.


The impressive Hajar Mountains line Musandam. This tiny region lies in close proximity to Dubai. It is a spectacular combination of magical mountains and coastal indulgence. The scenic beauty is charming. Spot the dolphins in the blue water of the ocean.

A full day tour through this stunning landscape is unforgettable. Here you will have a whole new experience of nature. You can have a look at the culture of Sultanate of Oman. This creates a comfortable environment for relaxations. There are shallow caves at the Musandam coastline. You can enjoy full day cruise in the vast array of the tortoise beach. This extraordinary journey will tempt you in azure water through a majestic fjord. People also love snorkeling here. If you know diving, then go ahead and explore the secrets of the ocean. This extraordinary experience will of the Musandam tour will delight you.


This one is for die-hard curry fans. Ravi is among the longest-serving restaurants of Dubai. It is full of the diners from different parts of the world. It has a family area. You can also sit int he main is to soak up the atmosphere.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is an extravagant shopping arena. It is popularly known for ‘Dubai Shopping Festival.’ Shopaholics love visiting this mall. The famous ‘Dubai Aquarium’ is also housed in this mall.

Dubai Aquarium is a unique mix of experience. It has varied activities like the cage snorkeling underwater zoo, shark diving, glass bottom boat tours and many more. Here you can get a chance to see the fascinated nocturnal desert animals of Dubai. Also, check out the ‘VRZOO’ a virtual reality experience that allows you to travel to the African and Asian jungles without walking a single step. You will have a lot of fun here.

Desert Safari

You can enjoy the Bedouin lifestyle with the desert safari in Dubai. You will experience an exhilarating experience for a lifetime at the desert safari tour. The thrill ride around the dunes and the evening of entertainment under the stars is fantastic. This trip is a mixture of cultural entertainment, adventure, and sumptuous dinner. Explore the vast stretch of hot dunes in an air-conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser. The desert sunset view promotes an exceptional photographic experience. You will have fun with the minds blowing henna designs. The BBQ dinner will tantalize your taste buds. The buffet dinner contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. So book your tickets to explore the mysterious nuances of the desert.  

Sheikh Saeed Al Makhtoum House

It contains the images and artifacts of olden times of Dubai. The historical photographs and documents in this museum give travelers a glimpse of Dubai’s history. It is the epitome of Arabic architecture. Its luxurious interior is fantastic.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a must-see attraction for tourists. This luxury hotel stands on an artificial island. The development and architecture of this five-star hotel involve some complex engineering feats. It has a height of about 321 meters. Its design resembles a blowing sail. It is among the best photographers structures of the world. Its stunning interiors make it the most luxurious hotel in the world. It is the third tallest hotel on this planet.  

Dubai Creek

This creek cuts through the entrance of Dubai. It is natural sea water. You can take a boat to view the beautiful port on the other sides. It considered as one of the most romantic tourist places of Dubai. A simple abra ride on Dubai Creek is an unforgettable one. The picturesque view of the town is impressive.

Final Words

The culture of UAE is fascinating. Dubai is a tradition of excellence. Its skyscrapers and architectural styles are known worldwide. There are many direct, and connecting flights from different parts of the world to Dubai. Also, non-stop flights from many airports. So book the tickets now and enjoy a mesmerizing trip to the beautiful attractions of this city.

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