Get Ready For the Experience of Your Life: Visit Dubai Now!

If Riyadh doesn’t satisfy you anymore with its modernism and world-class golf facilities, then you need to take one of the next Riyadh to Dubai flights and get a different perspective of the Arab world. Dubai is the perfect destination during any period thanks to its all-year-round warm weather. But, Dubai is more than just sun and hot beaches.

Many would think that there cannot be too much difference between these two Arab cities. However, Dubai seems to have found the key to success as it is visited by 12 million foreigners every year. Therefore, if you wonder when is the best time of year to visit Dubai, then you cannot miss November. Apart from the super friendly prices, the sun is milder during November, and the weather becomes perfect for long days spent swimming in the pool or at the beach.

Transportation in Dubai

Getting to Dubai from Riyadh is extremely simple and convenient. You can choose from several affordable flight options. The International Airport in Dubai is very close to the city and so it becomes quite easy to get to your hotel by metro or taxi. The metro is the best alternative when you are looking for a cheap option. The Dubai Metro is linked to Terminals 1 and 3 and is connected to the most important city points.

On the other hand, the taxi is a great choice when you want a quick and easy transportation alternative. Even though Dubai, like many other big cities in the world, suffers from traffic jams, the taxi is a safe and reliable means of transportation. You will also find the local Uber alternative, called Careem taxi, which will take you wherever you want at a very good price.

Dubai doesn’t allow you to get bored!

Now that you most likely have begun searching for Riyadh to Dubai flights, you will also need to know how to best spend your time once you arrive at your destination. First of all, you won’t want to miss a shopping adventure in Dubai Mall. Even if you are not a shopping addict, you will not be able to resist all the temptations from the duty-free. Therefore, you should fill your credit card and get ready for a serious shopping session.

What is more, you must spend at least one day and try a “dune bashing” trip. The desert safari is an unforgettable experience that will convince you to add Dubai to the list of your favorite destinations. Take your adrenaline to the roof and rent some quad bikes or dune buggies and get ready to become the “king of the desert”. There is no better feeling than the freedom that the desert can offer you.

So, what do you say? Did you start looking for flights? Unleash your imagination and get ready to spend some crazy and memorable moments in Dubai.  


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