Some of the Most Fascinating and Unusual Things to See in New York

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You might visit New York pretty often. The city offers so much, but perhaps you’ve done the standard tourist things more than a few times. Maybe Lady Liberty does not thrill you anymore, and you have already visited the Empire State Building.

If so, we’re here to suggest a few unusual New York activities. You can find unique attractions for New York repeat visitors if you try.

Check Out City Island

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People love New York for many different reasons. Some appreciate Times Square with its bustling people or the Brooklyn Bridge that stands so tall and majestic.

Some people love the little hidden corners more than anything else, though. If you’ve visited many times and you feel like you need something new, spending time at City Island might make sense for you.

City Island looks like a tiny, idyllic New England paradise. The main street has quirky little shops. You can enjoy lots of fresh seafood there. You might buy some art at one of the galleries or go antiquing.

Shopping and tourism dominate City Island, but you can also get a sundae from one of the neighborhood ice cream shops. You might have a cold craft beer at one of the local taverns or maybe eat at one of the diner’s appeals.

Look Over the Met Cloisters

Some people love visiting the Met, and they go there every time they visit the city. The Met has its usual attractions, but it also has some hidden corners that the average person never sees.

That does not necessarily mean the public can’t access them, though. The Cloisters see little public attention, though you can visit them if you know their location.

You can find them at 99 Margaret Corbin Drive in Fort Tryon Park. This is officially a small museum extension. It’s the one that’s all about the Middle Ages and its buildings and art.

The jaw-dropping architecture makes this hidden gem stand out. When you visit, you’re stepping back in time. The Unicorn Tapestries alone make the trip worth it. There are seven woven hangings in total, and they’re colorful and evocative.

Visit the Lexington Candy Shop

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we have a treat for you. Back in the day, you could find some amazing sweet shops in New York City. Most of them closed, but one still exists, and it can take you back to a more innocent time when the city didn’t have so much tourism.

This luncheonette still exists, like it did back in 1925 when it opened its doors. You can sit at the old-fashioned soda counter with your main squeeze and get a couple of malteds. You might also try an egg cream if you’ve never had one.

You might get a full lunch if you’re feeling hungry. The enormous burger and fries they serve should hit the spot. Find this enduring treasure on Lexington at number 1226. Just remember there’s limited seating, so you might luck out and get a table, or you may not.

Visit Rudy’s

If you head into Hell’s Kitchen, you can walk around the neighborhood and see many interesting buildings and shops. Rudy’s has a special place there, though. Find it at 627 9th Avenue, on Manhattan’s West Side.

This place opened as a speakeasy during Prohibition. It got the name Rudy’s back in 1933. Many famous people loved going there over the years, including Paul McCartney, Drew Barrymore, and Anthony Bourdain.

You can grab a hot dog and a beer there, and make sure you get a picture with the six-foot pig by the entrance. He wears a waistcoat and tie, and you will often see him in social media posts. He is very photogenic

You might also enjoy the ancient Tiffany lamps hanging from the ceiling, the colorful booths, and the seats patched with duct tape. This is truly a dive bar, but one that makes New York City a better place.

You might also ride the Roosevelt Tram or visit the Bryant Park bathrooms. You might think a bathroom can’t possibly hold much interest, but these ones have fresh flowers and beautiful paintings. You can also listen as classical music accompanies your pit stop. It’s a serene oasis in a bustling city.

If you look around, you can often find other hidden pockets. New York has such a rich and wonderful history, and you can find little bits of that everywhere.

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