Germ-Proof These 4 Areas of Your Home to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Germs are everywhere, and conscientious parents often worry about their children’s exposure to them. There’s always a chance that dangerous bacteria lingering in your home could make your kids sick. Maintaining a clean and sanitary home reduces the chance of your children falling ill. The germiest parts of your home require the most attention. Ahead, learn about four spots in your home that require careful germ-proofing.

Wipe Down the Doorknobs

People touch the doorknobs in your home all day long. The germs on their hands end up on the knobs. On the flip side, the germs on the knob end up on their hands. Use a disinfecting wipe or spritz of white vinegar to clean the knobs every other week. Disinfect them more often if one of the members of your family is sick.

Scrub the Sink

Considering that you use your sink for handwashing, you might be surprised to learn just how germ-ridden your sink is. Truth be told, your sink could have more bacteria than any other spot in your home. Rinsing raw meat is one contributor, and bits of half-eaten food is another. Plus, the germs that you rinse off your hands often end up in the sink. The best way to tackle the germs is by regularly bleaching your sink. Between bleachings, take precautions by thoroughly washing anything that sits in your sink, whether dishes or produce.

Wash the Sheets

Amidst all of the laundry that a family must do, it can be easy to neglect the sheets for week after week. However, sweat and dead skin cells have a tendency to cling to bedding. Washing them in warm water removes these contaminants. As a bonus, a trip through the washing machine restores a fresh scent to sheets. Wash bedding about once a week.

Sanitize the Pool

Children love to splash in the water of a backyard swimming pool, such as the ones from Aqua Spas and Pools. Unfortunately, germs love the water too. Cleaning for your pools and spas in WA or wherever you may live is essential for maintaining a healthy swimming environment. A proper balance of chemicals sanitizes the water. Keeping the surfaces free of debris helps reduce hiding places where germs could breed.

You can’t keep every germ away from your kids, and in fact, you shouldn’t try. Exposure to some bacteria helps strengthen the body. However, for these particularly dirty areas of your home, extra cleaning is a smart idea.

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