5 Ways to Encourage Your College Kid During Finals

College students have to deal with all kinds of pressure, but it gets to be especially high during finals. The need to pass classes can lead to them feeling constantly stressed. You don’t just want to reassure them that everything will be okay. You want to give them the boost of confidence necessary to kick into gear and come out on top. These are five ways to encourage your college kid during finals.

Food Delivery

Food has a long history of bringing people joy. You can bring a smile to your college kid’s face by sending them food. It doesn’t need to be anything particularly extravagant either. A pizza delivery from their favorite shop can help them to feel loved and motivated to do their best.

Care Packages

Do you remember sending your kids care packages when they went away to camp? It was a way for you to be there for them even from a distance. Just because they’re grown up doesn’t mean that you can’t send them care packages. Include favorite sweet treats, useful items, and any kind of encouraging note.


There’s nothing quite like reaching into the mailbox and pulling out a card from a loved one. Cards don’t need to be relegated to birthdays or holidays. Look for one you can send with an encouraging message during finals week. If finals have been giving them a rough time, reaching into the mailbox and pulling out your card will help to bring a smile to their face.

Phone Calls

We don’t just mean shooting off a text message. Take the time to dial up your college kid and talk about finals and anything else with them. Even if they only have a few minutes to spare, hearing your voice can remind that of all the love you have for them. You can also try to schedule a video chat call so that you can see each other’s face.


The stress of finals can lead to self-doubt for many college students. A desire to be perfect can lead to seeing nothing but imperfection in them. Show your college student that they’re cared-for and appreciated by giving them encouraging compliments that help them realize how hard they’re working and how much potential they have.

Your college kid needs to feel like they have your support during finals, even if they don’t want to admit it. You can read them better than they realize and your parental love for them can be a source of comfort. The more encouragement you provide, the better they can feel about finals.

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