The Wonder From Down Under: How To Travel Aus On A Budget

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Is there a better country to visit than Australia? With its golden, sandy beaches, outback desert, and modern cities, it is hard to make an argument stick. So, it’s no wonder people like you want to board a flight and travel 24 hours to an island in the far corner of the globe. But, there is a sticking point, and it is money. Like all good places, it costs to travel to Australia and back and fit in all the sights and attractions. If you’re short on cash, it might be holding you back.

The good news is it doesn’t have to any longer.

Look Into Package Deals

The traveler in you will contemplate separating the trip into smaller, manageable chunks. However, this method can make it more expensive than usual as it includes two costs instead of one. But, it doesn’t have to be this way if you research Australia tours and package deals. Even though the initial cost could be high, it might be cheaper in the long run. The key is to price up the deal and compare it to the alternative. If it is less expensive, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

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Flash Pack

In the traveling community, flying from one place to the next is called flashpacking. Now, it is supposed to be a derogatory term aimed at people that aren’t taking in all the culture. However, Australia is a huge country, and taking buses from the east to the west isn’t feasible. Okay, it is doable, but it isn’t as easy or as simple. More importantly, buses are also not as cheap as flights. Because the country is vast, the government puts more time into regulating air travel as it is popular. The result is a host of airlines selling tickets on the cheap.


On the flip side of flashpacking, you have camping. Now, it is worth noting that there are reasons against sleeping under the stars, mainly the dangerous animals! But, if you are at one with Mother Nature and dingoes, it is the cheapest option. Unlike some countries, most national parks in Aus don’t charge to pitch a tent and set up camp. That means you can choose a plot and get your head down for free if you are willing. If you aren’t, a motorhome is a sound option as it is safer and pays for itself after a short while.

Get To Work

When you run out of money in other countries, it is time to book a return flight. Australia is different. In the land from down under, it is possible to get a visa depending on your age. That means, if you are under thirty, you can spend one to two years working when the funds get low. Plus, there is a lot of work going around regardless of your location. Travelling and working don’t seem compatible, but they in Aus.

After all, everything is upside down!

Before you travel abroad you’ll want to check out any current Travel Alerts or Warnings. Happy Travels!

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