Effortless Techniques and Benefits of Unblocking Drains

Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

We are aware of the signs that tell us that we are soon going to get a blocked drain or pipeline. When the water at our bathroom sinks slowly or whenever the water takes more time to disappear from the basin, we can hear the warning bells of a clogged drain. It is compulsory to get rid of the blocked drain as soon as possible, as it may make the basin dirty and leave the floors of the bathroom with foul smells.

Here are some of the tricks that will help you to get out of such a stinking situation:

Clear it With a Hanger 

Unblocking of drains is important so that dirty water does not spread germs. The most effective method of cleaning a drain is, to use the wire hanger by bending it from the top slightly so that it can pull out all the hair or the filthy stuff that is blocking the drainage system.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

This process is indeed another effective way readily available within one’s home. As soon as you mix one-third of vinegar with the same measurement of baking soda it produces a fizz, pour the solution instantly into the drains, as this fizz will help in clearing the pipe effectively.

Use Boiling Water

This is another fine method. You can directly pour hot boiling water into the drains giving a few seconds of an interval in between. Doing this will clear the blocked drains. It will wash away all unclean materials.

Vacuum Process

Both wet and dry vacuum processes can be used for unblocking drains. This is a competent procedure but you must be careful enough while performing this cleaning procedure or you may end up in a mess.

Pipe Cleaning

This is a hectic process and you need a lot of effort in opening the pipe and then clearing it up. After opening it, you can clean the pipe from both the ends with a cleaning brush.

Dish Washing Detergent

Dishwashing detergent works best for unblocking drains in the bathroom. You can pour a small amount of detergent just in the hole of the drain and then should dispense boiling water to that part. The lubricant produces in this process helps in cleaning the drain.

Use of Caustic Soda

Caustic soda can be used for unblocking drains but that too with many precautions, as it is harmful to skin and gives out a strong chemical smell. A three-fourth gallon of measured water with 3 cups of this soda can make a frizz, which you must pour directly into the clogged drain and after 20 to 30 minutes, you can wash away the chemical with more water.

Drain Snake Equipment

It is a piece of equipment extremely beneficial for clogged drains. This is available in various hardware stores and you can use it to clean the blocked pipes.

Benefits of Cleaning the Drain on a Regular Basis

It is very essential that you clean your drain regularly. So that, you may not get into chaos at the end of each month. The main benefits of cleaning drain regularly are:

  • You can have a faster and a drainage system, which is more efficient.
  • You can easily prevent bad smell from spreading into the room.
  • Routine cleaning of pipes can prevent the harsh chemicals to cause damage to your pipeline.
  • Cleaning the pipes can prevent clogs on a customary basis.
  • You have to provide less time and effort to clean the pipes if you maintain the uniformity in keeping it up.
  • Habitual cleaning will make your drainage system clean and clear.
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