7 Artful Tips to Make Your Business Trip a Success

It seems that business travel is going to be spiking in a short while. This means traveling is going to become a regular activity for you more than it is now. Trouble is that business travel is usually a little dull, but it does not have to be with the following seven artful tips to make your travels a bit more interesting.


The easiest thing you can do to ensure your business travel is more interesting is trying to take the road less traveled. The most trafficked roads are usually filled with tourist-like attractions that can get boring. Roads less traveled could offer something different, so take a chance.

Niche Stay

Every destination has a niche that is worth exploring. A good way to explore a particular part of a city is to check out its neighborhoods. For example, you can find the best area to stay in London by simply exploring some of its smaller neighborhoods, like Knightsbridge or Mayfair just to name a few. Smaller communities normally have a lot of character.

Locally Sourced

It may be a good idea to travel using your taste buds. Sometimes, a business trip does not offer much time to explore, meaning you are going to have to find your fun elsewhere. You can do this by simply exploring the local cuisine and truly committing yourself to it. Do not be afraid to try a meal you’ve never heard of or the ingredient you cringed at initially because life is about adventure.

Digital Connection

You probably have made a few connections online using social media accounts. Perhaps some of these connections live in the area you are visiting. Try to set up a date to talk about business and improve the business relationship you have with this person. You never know because these meetings could end up becoming great highlights of your trip.

Cultural Travel

You might want to consider looking for strange little museums or artisanal stores nearby. Sure, it may take a second to find some of these locations, but you are sure to find something of interest near your lodging area. Remember to take photographs, or keep a journal so that what you see or learn becomes mementos that you will likely treasure for a long time.

Friendly Faces

Those who travel a lot might have noticed that you visited a place where an old friend from high school lives. You probably noticed too late to really make plans, so why not take this information and make sure you do not miss this opportunity again? Try to message an old friend through social media if you are going to be in their town and set up a meeting. This might end up being a great decision because no one knows a town better than a local.

Hunting Trip

Get on your smartphone, and look for local craft shows, farms, thrift stores, and antique stores. What you want to do is look for an item that is interesting that you can purchase for yourself or a loved one. The idea is to find an item you cannot easily find online or in regular stores. This makes these items treasures that may remind you of your trip to this city or town that you have not been to before.

Hopefully, some of these tips help you make the most of your trip. Remember, do not be afraid to talk to locals because they may have additional suggestions worth considering. It may be hard to talk to strangers at first, especially for those who are normally quiet, but trust that taking this step is not something you will likely regret.


Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

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