5 Ways to Cultivate a Healthy Mind and Body

People with strong minds live a more prosperous and more fulfilling life. However, a study by R. Peter titled “Ageing and the brain,” found that there is brain shrinkage as one grows old. This author continues to argue that these body changes occur at all levels, from molecules to morphology. Thus, to counteract these adverse effects like white matter lesions and dementia caused by the aging brain, the following are five effective ways that have been found to cultivate a healthy mind and body.

1. Eat healthily

Eat healthily, and remember to keep your body hydrated to make your brain work perfectly. The kind of food you eat is what matters most in cultivating a healthy mind and body. Some foods converse well with your body, while others do not. So, eat what best suits your body. Next, you can again consider taking supplements to enhance your brain functionality. These supplements can be found in many outlets, including Supplements Canada, an online store that has been operational since 1995. These products mainly help to boost cognitive reasoning.

Other foods that you can consider taking to cultivate a healthy mind and body include:

Oily fish

Fish contains DHA – an omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acids help in boosting feelings and levels of anxiety.


Studies have shown that probiotics found in yogurt influence the brain in several ways, including helping to reduce stress and anxiety.


Wholegrain is a good source of tryptophan which produces serotonin. Serotonin helps in calming the mind and also helps in maintaining a good sleep cycle.

2. Spend time doing something that you love

Doing an activity that you love, like exercising as a hobby, will bring you positive energies and radiate some positive emotions which relax your mind. If possible, turn your hobby into a career to make sure you have an easy life and avoid going for jobs that will make you strain a lot. Please do what you like and make it your lifestyle. For example, if painting is your hobby, set a time for painting and be compelled to explore the markets and earn money out of it.

3. Exercise every day and have quality and quantity sleep

According to the Harvard health letter, there are plenty of good reasons to be physically active. It reduces the risk of developing strokes, heart disease, lower blood sugar, and most importantly, preventing depression. In addition, exercising is known to significantly reduce brain fog – a condition that comes with agilest studies supporting the argument that sleep helps remove toxins that your brain accumulates while you are awake. Harvard medical school further explains that too little and too much sleep affects memory. It recommends that people should have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. The quality of the conditions under which you are sleeping is essential again, thus ensure that the environment is as soothing as possible.

4. Meditation/mindfulness

Latest research studies have linked meditation to large amounts of gray matter in the hippocampus. With more gray matter, there are more positive emotions that last for a longer time. In addition, meditation helps in reducing the decline of cognitive reasoning. Generally, meditation relieves stress, manages anxiety, reduces inflammation, and improves memory and attention. Because of these striking results, many doctors prescribe meditation in the same way they would to an antidepressant or blood pressure medication. So, to make your brain active, always set aside some time to let your mind reign freely, and in the end, your brain will be healthy.

5. Use social media in a proper way

Social media is centered on pain and negativity. When social media users receive positive feedback (likes), dopamine receptors in their brains fire, which is aided in part by the ventral tegmental area (VTA). Social media stimuli can influence the brain’s decision-making and emotional processing functions outside of the reward systems. Intimidations across social media platforms have been the source of depression. As much as we need to know what is going on worldwide, avoid harmful social media pages for good brain functioning. A perfect subsidy for social media time is to involve yourself in charity activities like cleanup activities that positively affect your brain.

Final thought

It is of great essence to cultivate a healthy brain and body so that you can live life to its maximum by devoting to the tips outline in this post.


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