5 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Their New Glasses

New glasses can open up many opportunities for your child as it brings into focus things she may not have been able to see previously. This can be an exciting time, but it’s also a big transition for your child as she gets used to having something on her face that’s never been there before. In order to set her up for a lifetime of glasses success, here are a few tips to help make the transition easier.

Let Them Pick

Up to this point, your child has probably felt like he hasn’t had much control in the eye exam and glasses process. A lack of control is a recipe for disaster when it comes to a big transition like this, which could lead to a struggle to get him to wear his glasses long-term. To restore a sense of control to the situation, allow him to pick out his own glasses, so he has a sense of ownership in the process, and a greater reason to want to wear them over time.

Give Guidance

While letting your child pick her frames will help restore her sense of control, you, as the parent, still need to give guidance regarding the final frame decision. The design of the frames can be totally left up to your child, but as far as choosing frames that will fit comfortably and look good with your child’s face shape, steering them in the right direction will make it much more likely the frames they end up choosing will be worn long-term.

If the frames are constantly sliding down your child’s nose or sitting crookedly on her face, your child will be more likely to be disappointed in her choice, even if she loves the design. Set her up for success by guiding her to frames that she loves and that will love her back.

Have Heroes

As an adult, you know that glasses no longer carry the stigma they once did, resulting in many popular celebrities styling glasses at every opportunity. Help your child understand this as well, by giving him confidence that he’s not alone. Understanding your child’s favorite actors, singers, and even cartoon characters, create a compilation of different individuals who wear glasses and love it. By understanding he’s not alone in his glasses wearing, he’ll be more likely to stick with it for the long term.

Take Your Time

As already mentioned, getting glasses for the first time is a big adjustment for your child. Not only do glasses look different, they also come with a lot of pre-conceived ideas in your child’s mind, and they can feel kind of funny. If your child is resistant to wearing glasses all the time, be willing to be flexible so she doesn’t get burned out and resist even harder. Set a specific time frame every day where she needs to be wearing her glasses, then up that time gradually until she’s wearing her glasses full-time. This, again, restores some of the lost control, helping your child to come to terms with her new reality.

Be Patient

The last time you went through a transition this major with your child, he was probably getting teeth for the first time. This time, he has words and a will of his own, which can make the process difficult if he is resistant to wearing glasses. Just as you did when your child was getting teeth, reaching out to a friendly eye doctor, like Eye Society Pty Ltd, with questions can help prepare your child for this major transition.

No matter how your child reacts, make sure to remain patient with him at all times, even when it might seem like there’s no end in sight. Otherwise, you risk really turning him off to wearing glasses, which will put you right back at square one. Love him, care for him, and celebrate his successes as they happen. Eventually, he will catch on and learn to love his glasses all the time.

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