What to Do about a Child Injury While Traveling

When you’re traveling with the family, one of your children suffering an injury can feel like a complete nightmare. You’re away from all of your regular healthcare providers, you’re not sure where to go for the best care, and you may be worried about your insurance options. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to make this type of unexpected emergency a little less nerve-wracking. Read the following list before traveling to make sure you’re prepared to handle any child injuries that may occur while you’re traveling.

Contact Your Insurance Company before Traveling

It’s a good idea before traveling to contact your health insurance provider and find out which medical facilities in your destination area take your health insurance plan. If there are none in the area that will accept your insurance, you may want to reconsider your choice of destination unless you are prepared to pay for emergency medical service out of pocket. Find out if there are any kinds of temporary insurance programs offered through your provider that would cover your family during the duration of your trip.

Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a supplemental form of insurance that covers thing like on-site medical care as well as travel expenses should you be forced to come home from your vacation early due to illness or injury. It’s an especially good idea for overseas travel and cruises. These types of trips often take travelers to faraway places which are likely to be out of network for their regular insurance provider.

Search for Medical Facilities in Advance

If someone in your family has specific medical conditions, check to make sure your travel destination has facilities available nearby that will be able to meet their needs. This can save you time and frustration in the instance of an emergency. For example, should your child need emergency Fairmont dental care, you’ll want to know in advance which type of dental offices will be able to handle these types of problems promptly. Some urgent care facilities don’t specialize in pediatric medicine. You can find out by making some phone calls before leaving home which healthcare providers will be most likely to provide different types of services. Write down their names, types of care they offer, locations, and directions from your hotel so that you’ll know exactly where to go in case of any type of emergency.

Always Bring Your Child’s Insurance Card and Medical History Along

When your child is injured while you’re on vacation, you may feel a sense of panic sweep over you. That’s why it’s a good idea to have all relevant medical information with you so you won’t have to try to remember it in the heat of the moment. Write down on a sheet of paper anything important you may need to inform health professionals about when you bring your child in for treatment. This list should include any regular medications they’re taking, any previous emergency medical treatments your child has had, vaccination information, allergy information, your child’s blood type, and any other pertinent medical information you think may be helpful for the physicians to know. You can consult with your pediatrician to find out if your compiled list is complete before traveling.

Be Prepared to Change Return Travel Plans

You need to be aware that after suffering certain injuries your child may not be able to safely fly or travel in a vehicle right away. The emergency medical staff will let you know when your child will be ready to make their return journey. Though you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to stay in your travel location, be prepared to make accommodations to lengthen your trip in the event that your child is unable to resume your regularly planned travel schedule.

There’s no reason to let the prospect of a child injury deter you from traveling. The chances of your child suffering an injury are relatively small, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. To cut back on worries and enjoy a more carefree family adventure, follow these helpful tips.

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