5+ Life Stories Which Will Show How MBA Degree Can Change Your Life

MBA degree is one of the career-changing university courses that is widely sought after. It entails courses that Cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, business analytics MBA, human resource, operations, and statistics in a manner relevant to management analysis and strategy.

MBA program typically requires completing twice the material such as the master of Science in Marketing and Management, Economics, Accountancy, Finance, etc. It is also known as a terminal degree and a professional degree, and you may need to hire the services of an MBA application Consultant.

For admission consideration, type and length of work experience can be critical components for many MBA programs. The program is designed to help students gain exposure to both practical and theoretical approaches. The course includes lectures, projects that you work on in a team, and case studies. Delivery may differ by format or school.

An MBA prepares individuals for many types of careers. About 64%MBA graduates changed their careers according to the Graduate Management Admission Council in the year 2012.

As you may know, there is an increase in MBA applications, and thus for your application to be successful, you will need to plan, self-reflect, and invest your time in it.

For your application to be successful, you got to have MBA application help from an expert. This is because the application process is vigorous and competitive, especially for admission to Top Business Schools.

MBA admissions consulting has become prevalent with hundreds of firms helping applicants around the world, to get into the best business schools. An average MBA applicant applies to about three schools; you may pay close to $6,000 as consulting fee to apply for three MBA programs.

Here are some of the testimonials from students in regard to their experience with an MBA consultant:

  • One successful MBA story is one of Umesh Tiwari’s. He gave up a well-paying senior executive position to join an MBA program at Hult’s. Six months into the program, Umesh got a job offer at Amazon with a six-figure salary, through a networked contact.
  • Lavender Whitaker an MBA graduate from UC Davis was able to follow her desire for a sustainable environment through her MBA. She had started her undergraduate studies as an Arts major which didn’t quite feel like the right fit. She is now working in PG&E, in a field she is passionate about.
  • Other MBA graduates met their business partners during the tenure of their MBA program. Such is the story of Luis Sanz, Pau Sabria, and Jose de Cabo. The three are the founders of Olapic, a thriving business based in New York. You might just meet with your future partner at the MBA program you would like to enroll in and make your dreams a reality.
  • Ruben Pranata enrolled in an MBA program at UCLA. He was able to change paths from a sales position to a more operational position at Google. He attributes his success to the effectiveness of the Program and exposure to a broad network of professionals.
  • Enrolling in an MBA program could have a positive impact on your career path. Tony Downs, an MBA graduate from University College Dublin and Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, had a similar experience. In his teen years, he wanted to be a Research Chemist, but after much frustration in this career choice and graduating with an MBA, he changed paths, and he is now an independent consultant.


An MBA program can be life-changing to others if not enlightening. You may meet your future business partner and finally, realize your dreams. You could also be enlightened and change your profession o one that you are passionate about. It is something to consider, not just for the degree but for the experience that an MBA has to offer.

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