Eight Apps Small Business Can’t Live Without

Small businesses run on technology. But, that technology changes with each passing advance, especially when it comes to the internet and connected technologies. Fortunately, there are some programs and apps that make sense for small businesses and that can grow with them. If you are looking for ways to make your smartphone or computer work for you, This Lady Blogs has eight apps that are essential for small businesses.


Redbooth is a project management software that gives you the freedom to assign tasks to your employees from either your desk, phone, or tablet. You can even use Redbooth to connect with your Apple TV for a virtual team meeting experience that makes the boardroom obsolete.

Adobe Spark

Your digital marketing efforts via social media aren’t complete without Adobe’s Instagram post generator, a free online tool that allows you to create Instagram posts with little effort on your part. Choose from an array of templates or create your own design to customize your messaging. The generator allows you to automatically resize and share the posts on whatever social media platform you want. 


Slack is a multi-channel communication tool that allows you to connect with only the team members that you want. By only looking at the threads you need to work on in a given moment, you’ll save time and avoid distractions.


Do you travel for business? Chances are you do. If so, Kiwi has an app that can help you save money by booking with one click, providing special offers, and even holding your boarding passes all from the comfort of your phone.


If you routinely send emails, a company newsletter, or other written correspondence, Grammarly can help you spot the tiny typos, syntax errors, and missed punctuations that can leave people throwing your professional correspondence in their digital trash cans.


Docusign eliminates the need to meet face-to-face to have documents signed. Through the program, you can send and receive electronic signatures, automate workflows, and save your digital documents to the cloud for use when and where you need them. Many banks and financial institutions used Docusign before the pandemic, and many other businesses now have found that contactless contracts not only keep customers safe but also make it more convenient to do business, even across state lines. 


Monday is another workflow management software, but it caters to those looking for automation. Through Monday, you can utilize visual calendars, kanban boards, and more to keep up with where your team is on each project. Monday is great for both SMBs and enterprise-sized businesses that need to streamline tasks related to HR, IT, marketing, and software development.


When you utilize social media, Buffer can help you publish your content and manage each active campaign. You can sign up for Buffer for free to try out many of its features, including automatic posting to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Having the ability to create campaigns and then post on a set schedule frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer service and employee training.


No matter what you choose, remember, technology can help you streamline and speed up processes that make your business more profitable. Don’t let technology go to waste when you can work for you.

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