5 Common Stressors and How to Deal with Them 

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Stress is common. It affects everyone at some point, and for some, it can feel like it never goes away. While it isn’t unusual to feel stress when planning a wedding or after an argument, if it starts taking over your thoughts completely, you must find a way to manage it. Otherwise, your mental health will suffer.  

The first step is understanding some of the most common stressors, so here are five of the most common and how you can deal with them.  

1: Your Finances

Financial troubles can turn into huge amounts of stress. Unfortunately, money problems aren’t few and far between – many people have experienced the feeling of not knowing how they’ll pay for a large bill or debt repayment.  

To avoid financial stress, it’s important to tackle issues head-on and speak to the companies you owe money to before it gets out of hand. You should also improve your money management skills by sticking to a budget and finding more affordable ways of living. If you’re trying to protect your family from financial burdens in the case that you pass away unexpectedly, term life insurance can offer some financial peace of mind as well.  

2: Too Much Work

A work-life balance is essential for a happy lifestyle, but far too many people prioritize work over their personal life. If you find that you’re overwhelmed with work, it will likely make you stressed and, as a result, perform poorly. To handle this, try speaking to your boss about your hours and ensure that you make the most of your time away from the job. You could start a relaxing hobby, spend some time with friends or family, or simply take a well-earned, relaxing bubble bath.  

3: An Unhappy Relationship

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but an unhappy one will cause ongoing stress. It’s not always easy to determine whether your relationship is a healthy one – a question to ask yourself is, does the person make you feel good when you’re around them? Relationship counseling can help with an unhappy relationship, but you should also understand when it might be time to let something go. Remember – your peace is important.  

4: Family Problems

Family problems, whether that’s divorce or an unfriendly mother-in-law, can wreak havoc on your positive state of mind. How you solve the family issues will depend on the situation, but in most cases, communication is key, and if somebody cannot be reasoned with, put yourself first.  

5: Illness

One of the worst stressors to go through is suffering from illness. It’s sad and relentless, and sometimes, you can’t do much about it. Whether it is yourself suffering from an illness or a loved one, it’s crucial to understand what you can and can’t do and focus on positive thinking. 

Meditation, exercise, talking to your friends and family, and counseling can help with this.  

If you don’t tackle stress, it can turn into something worse. So, familiarize yourself with the most common stressors and do your best to deal with them quickly. 

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