4 Family Friendly Activities to Do at a Lake

Taking your family on a lake vacation is a great way to connect with nature and meet other people who like taking life a little slower while on vacation. If your family wants to know what they can do at a lake while on vacation, here are a few ideas that are great for everyone.

Get on the Water

If you are going to a lake, it is great to get out on the water whenever possible. The whole family will love boating, and if you want a slower pace, you can all go canoeing or kayaking. Being on the water is an experience that everyone should get a chance to have. Being on the water is also great for taking family pictures for photo books of your vacation at the lake.

You may also want to have everyone go water skiing on a lake if everyone in your party is older. While this may not be an activity for younger kids, they can watch and have a picnic on the boat. Make sure that younger children are always well-supervised while they are on the water.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great experience because you can do it with kids, who usually love reeling in a fish. Also, there is ice fishing in some places, such as Lake Taghkanic State Park. Fishing is also great because you can teach kids the different kinds of fish and other creatures that live in the lake. When someone catches a fish, show the kids pictures of different fish in the area and see if they can identify the one they caught.

As most people know, fishing is about a lot more than catching fish. It is a whole experience that you can share with the rest of your family. So get up early and make some coffee to take with you to the lake. Sometimes setting up chairs, blankets, and warm drinks in the early morning is a memory that your family will keep with them for many years. They may even ask to do it again.

Camping at a Lake

Being at a lake is a lot of fun, but if you go camping, it doubles the fun. Camping on a lake is great because you are right by the water, and you get all of the sights and sounds of the water and wildlife around you. It is also nice to appreciate the fresh air and cooler weather while camping. There is nothing like a campfire with fresh fish or s’mores as you go camping. There’s also a huge benefit to camping at the lake that you want to spend time on, and that is that you can be up bright and early for fishing, hiking, or just eating breakfast by the water.

Take a Hike to Get the Full Experience

Not only is there camping and water activities at a lake, but there is also usually hiking, or at least nature walks. When you get ready to leave for your Lake vacation with your family, consider looking up the history of the area surrounding the lake so that you have something to talk about if everyone doesn’t want to be quiet on your hike. You can also show off some survival skills while you hike with your family. Most lakes have trails that are great for small children up to experienced avid hikers. You can take the children out for a hike after lunch and then do a major hike for just a few adults that want to go in the early mornings. If you can go up above the lake, there are usually plenty of options for pictures of the whole area, which will look great in a frame at home so that everyone can remember the vacation.


No matter what lake you decide to take your family to, it is important that everyone has great fun. Whether you do activities together or split into activities based on each person’s ability to be active, everybody should come together at the end of the day for a family event for everyone. Also, don’t forget to check and see if you can camp at the lake so that you can have evenings sleeping under the stars and early mornings by the water.


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