Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tips & Tricks

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Real estate is one of the most lucrative business opportunities across different countries. 33% of the house buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent. 

As a real estate agent, numerous business people have the opportunity to make a stable and growing income source. Therefore, it is essential to market real estate services as they offer the opportunity to promote the services agents provide. Certain platforms can also provide leads that often turn into valuable clients. If we look at the statistics of 2017, 53% of real estate professionals have invested at least $5000 in their marketing initiatives. 

But, real estate marketing is not easy. Many professionals struggle to get a profitable ROI. If you want to promote your real estate business, you need to put effort into five of these marketing campaigns. 

Create SEO Optimized Real Estate Website

The first initiative for marketing any business in 2022 is to have a good business website. Getting a website for your business helps you increase your online visibility. Since everything sells online at the current time, getting online is a very convenient option. If you’re really not sure where to start with this, you could reach out to a company like this one offering Website Design in Palm Harbor, FL to help you design and build a website that looks good and gives potential customers all the information about your company and what you offer that they could possibly need.

If you want to get discovered by the right customers, you need an SEO-optimized website. SEO helps you to get discovered by the right audience in the SERP. When you rank your website in the SERP, you can attract your audience easily on your website. 

A strong focus on creating SEO-optimized content and minute keyword research can help you rank in the SERP. The search engine is a highly competitive place, so you need to build a content strategy. Here is an outline you can follow –

  • Write high-quality content in the real estate niche.
  • Run efficient keyword research. You can also hire experts in this area. 
  • Get your website optimized for mobile viewers. Make your site responsive for a higher ranking. Low page loading speed is also important. Does your website adapt to the smaller screens of mobiles and tablets? It is highly important for a higher search engine ranking. 
  • Create the content on location-specific keywords. 

Once buyers are able to discover your website, you will easily generate more leads. 

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Customers’ Reviews Matter A Lot

As a real estate business, you must create a reliable track record worthy of your audience to rely on. According to statistics, 62% of homebuyers say that they contacted an agent after checking their customer’s reviews online.

When you offer your real estate services to an individual client/or a small business, you must ask for their reviews. The reviews of the customers you satisfied with your service help you attract new customers. 

You should keep a testimonial page on your website. Your customers can share their reviews in the format of star ratings, video testimonials, or written comments on your services. This trick allows real estate agents to market their services better. 

Geo-Targeted Ads

We talked about creating location-based SEO content creation earlier. But, it is important that you also run geo-targeted ads for your targeted audience. When running geo-specific ads, your chance to appear in the search result increases; with that comes the chance to generate more leads. You can follow these tips to run such ads–

  • Many social media sites offer geo-targeted ad-running options. You can specify the location where you want your ads to appear. This way, you have more options to personalize and pinpoint your leads.
  • You can target a specific set of people to whom you will be advertising your services. 

Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are one of the largest platforms for marketing. They offer a wide range of audiences to whom you can cater your real estate service. 

You need a service website for your real estate business. But the statistics we have show that social media is more important than websites (according to 60% of the surveyed agents). You can get on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

First of all, you need to create a business page on these platforms and then start creating attractive social media content to attract a specific audience.

Virtual Home Tours On YouTube

When you actually show what your business offers, the curiosity of your audiences grows by a certain percentage. You can create videos of home tours and stream/upload them on YouTube or different social media platforms. When your customer wants to buy a home, a walkthrough video can really capture their interest. 

Final Words

You can run several different marketing campaigns and use CRM software to generate healthy leads for your real estate business. But these five tips offered in this article are the most valuable if you are starting out on a low budget. Email marketing also helps you reach out to perspectives ready to convert. 

We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any other queries, please reach out to us in the comments. 

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