4 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Have VPS Hosting

When you’re trying to run a successful blog, it’s important that every aspect runs at the highest level possible, such as your web servers. A slow or unreliable server can turn off visitors who may leave your site and never come back. In fact, statistics show that 53% of all visitors will leave a website if it doesn’t load up in less than 3 seconds. One of the ways you can improve your page load speed is to use a VPS. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at VPS hosting and its benefits as well as reasons why every blog owner should choose virtual private servers for their hosting requirements.

Increased Performance

When you improve the performance of your website, such as to reduce your page loads, you stand to gain several distinct benefits. For starters, search engines see page load speed as a critical factor when it comes to ranking a website in their search engine. Additionally, PPC advertisers who have optimum page load speeds of less than 2.5 seconds tend to pay a lower cost-per-click than advertisers who have a slower page load speed. One of the benefits of getting a virtual private server is that it can help to boost the performance of your blog such as page load speeds. This is because traditional shared hosting plans can cause functionality issues as a result of the actions of another party.

Greater Control

By using a server VPS to host your blog, you’ll be able to get root access to your website’s environment. Root access is important, because, without it, you have no choice but to use software that the hosting provider gives you. Unsupported software may raise red flags to a traditional hosting provider. As such, if you intend on using industry-specific software which isn’t supported by a particular host, this could cause issues because in most cases you’re limited to the software that your hosting provider allows. By getting a VPS you’re free to introduce any software you desire within the server.

Low Cost

Back in the early days of the internet, most lifestyle bloggers chose to use a shared hosting plan, despite its many drawbacks, due to the fact that virtual private servers were initially too expensive for the typical blog owner. However, advances in internet technologies have enabled the expenses of web hosting to decrease significantly. As such, unlike before, the barrier to getting a VPS is no longer there. In many cases, you can get a VPS hosting plan for less than $50 per month.

Customer Service

Good luck getting a dedicated customer service representative by using a shared hosting plan. In most cases, when you use a shared hosting plan, you’re limited to the ways in which you can reach out to customer service and in many cases, you have to wait multiple days in order for you to get your query answered. Most VPS providers offer their customers a dedicated customer service representative, who operates as a familiar face of the company and will consistently help you to overcome any technical issues you may face.

A VPS can help to enable a higher level of flexibility and much easier scalability as your blog continues to grow. With the benefits you stand to gain as well as the fact that it can help to improve user experience, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting a VPS server.


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