Boosting Your Blog with Professional Blog Writers

Your blog is only as good as the writing it’s made up of. Unfortunately, writing is tough for some people, especially those who own a business or are just getting started with a blog. The good news is, there are ways you can get help to improve your blog and hone your voice. If you feel like your blog needs a little bit of a boost, here’s why you might want to hire a professional.

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Should I Start a Blog?

If you’re wondering whether or not to start a blog, you’re probably torn about whether the work will be worth it. What if you start a blog and post every week, and no one ever comes to look at it? On the other hand, what if you choose not to blog, and you could have made a lot of money from it? Hopefully, this article will help you make the decision.

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How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

Article contributed by Deana

So, you want to start a blog? There are several reasons for starting a WordPress blog, including promoting a product, promoting a service, providing information on a topic, creating awareness on a social issue or just having a passion for writing. But…how do you set up a blog? Setting up a WordPress blog is easy and takes less than 30 minutes of your time.

Here is how to set up your blog

Choose a Web Hosting Service

When you are starting your blog, the first thing you need to do is choose a web hosting service. This service is responsible for making sure your blog can be seen by everyone. When it comes to web hosting, you have two choices- free or self-hosted. It is not recommended that you choose a free service because there are numerous limits and you don’t really own your blog. So, with that said, for a self-hosted service, I recommend Bluehost. So, why Bluehost? It is easy to get your blog set up, they are recommended by WordPress, they offer affordable hosting plans and you’ll get a free domain name.
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