How to Use the Color of the Year in Your Wedding

As we slowly recover from the global crisis brought by COVID-19, we look forward to things that give us hope, put smiles on our faces, and make us feel optimistic.

They include the Pantone colors of 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow.

Yes, Pantone has chosen not one but two colors for the year!

Grey is a neutral shade, which blends nicely with different hues. Ultimate grey is a resilient shade, described as “quietly assuring”. It is a popular shade in the architecture and fashion worlds.

Meanwhile, yellow is our sunshine. It makes everything dazzle. It’s a happy color! The two colors, which trended in 2012, have a refreshing comeback and “twist” this year.

When combined, these colors signify “strength and optimism”, which is what we need now.

How can you use this combo at your wedding?

The Pantone colors for 2021 are perfect for weddings held in this memorable year. It’s a stunning combo after all.

And even if you’ve already chosen a different color for your themed wedding, these colors are easy to work with, no matter the style of your wedding.

Check out these ideas on how you can incorporate this beautiful combo in your wedding:

Wedding Invitation

An incredibly easy way to use the lovely 2021 Pantone colors in your wedding is through your wedding invitations. 

Make sure those pretty cards (or envelopes) reflect the wedding style you’re having – whether you’re throwing a classic and elegant wedding, an intimate celebration, or a casual and relaxed event.

You can go all out with these Pantone colors or make them a subtle touch to the invitations.

Wedding Bouquet

Yellow is an easy color to play with. It perfectly blends with fiery oranges and dusky pinks. Go for a delicate arrangement of light orange roses, yellow blooms, and greenery. Wrap it together in ultimate grey ribbon or add some artificial grey rose accents for that IG-worthy floral arrangement.

Another idea is to use a bright yellow ribbon to tie together a bunch of spirea, peonies, and ranunculus.

You can also mix springy, yellow hues with white and green, and then tie with a grey ribbon, or put together a romantic arrangement with a mix of golden-hued and blush roses.

Bridesmaid Dresses & Bouquets

Bridesmaids in yellow and grey dresses look incredibly stunning. You can also choose to add subtle touches of the Pantone 2021 colors in their dresses instead, especially if you’ve already chosen a different color or concept for your bridesmaids’ attires. 

Alternately, your bridesmaids can have a different color for their dress, and simply add the grey and yellow colors in their bouquets.

Wedding Ceremony Décor

Everything – from the wedding backdrop to the floral arrangements, table setting, lights, and accents, can have major to subtle touches of grey and yellow.

Here are some interesting ideas:

  • Cover the tables with illuminating grey cloths and use yellow table runners and napkins.
  • Put together yellow-grey centerpieces (whether flowers, candles, or some unique decorative pieces).
  • Paint wine bottles with silver and grey, then put sunny yellow flowers in them. A pretty and easy DIY centerpiece!

Wedding Jewelry

Another stylish way to incorporate grey and yellow in your wedding, even if you prefer a different color or theme, is through your jewelry.

A yellow gold diamond ring, a gorgeous gold necklace, a statement piece featuring grey pearls, a yellow floral pendant, or a pair of yellow-grey earrings. You’ve got endless choices!

Drinks & Cocktails

Set up your wedding bar in a grey and yellow tone. Think Galway grey and refreshing lemonade. You only need a good cocktail recipe and a bit of black food coloring to make amazing illuminating grey drinks!

You can also incorporate the Pantone colors in your wine keys and bottle openers, buckets for the ice, the ice itself (just add a few droplets of black food color before making ice cubes), shakers, stirrers and other essential tools, and garnishment.

Wedding Car

Decorating a car for a wedding is fun and easy.

Yellow custom floral stickers with grey botanical details are perfect for a rustic wedding. 

A grey “just married license” plate or banner with yellow fonts also works great. 

Meanwhile, grey and yellow tin cans and Pantone 2021 colored pom-poms are stunning additions to your wedding car too!

Wedding Menu Design

Let your guests feast their eyes on beautiful custom wedding menu cards in grey and yellow. Bold, vibrant, and chic designs are popular for menu cards which means the 2021 Pantone colors are perfect choices!

There you go – creative ways to incorporate illuminating yellow and ultimate grey in your wedding! Try them out and you’ll absolutely love the outcome!


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