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Located in the rural town of Sunshine Coast, this town is considered the most creative location on Sunshine Coast. This region boasts a number of natural attractions ranging from scenic lakes to incredible parks. Here are some of the best natural attractions you can add to your checklist when visiting the Sunshine Coast.

This is home to various Australian contemporary artists and is found in a scenic rainforest. At this location, you can treat yourself and your company to a variety of abstract painting, figurative paintings, and modern landscape, among many others. Here you will find permanent exhibitions that are constantly updated. Work from over forty painters is displayed here on a daily basis. This place is designed to promote local talent. On your next visit to the clouds of Montville, make a detour and view some of the great art on display.

Mapleton Falls National Park

The Mapleton National Park is found close to 105km from Brisbane and within the Sunshine Coast Region. The Mapleton fall is arguably the best attraction of this location, with a plunge of 120metres into the valley featuring a eucalyptus forest. During the summer and spring, you can hear several frogs who live at the bottom of the fall. The park offers two walking trails, with the first being the Mapleton Falls Lookout. This is a 50-meter trail that provides you with an impressive view of the falls and the Obi Obi valley. The second trail is the Wompoo Circuit that is a 1.3km return walk that snakes through the rainforest and the eucalyptus forest.

For those looking for a camping ground at this location, it is illegal. However, you can find suitable picnic grounds next to the parking lot.

Kondalilla National Park

If you are looking for the best picnic grounds with day trips and scenic tours, then the Kondalilla National Park is your best choice when on Sunshine Coast, located within the Blackall Ranges with various scenic views, wonderful mountain ranges suitable for hiking, and a verdant forest. The park was named after the Kondalilla fall that plunges 90 meters into a rainforest valley.

The park has various nature trails. Some of which include the Kondalilla Falls circuit that is 4.7km long that covers more than 100 steps to the bottom of the fall. The Picnic Creek circuit covers a total of 1.7km. This trail is considered the easiest option because it only takes one hour to complete.

The park offers a bush camp called the Flaxton Walkers. The Campsite is mostly used by participants of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. You can also find picnic grounds with picnic tables, BBQ stands, and washrooms.


Those with a sweet tooth can treat themselves to various handmade sweet treats with beautiful packaging. After settling at the nearby Treetops Montville Seaview, visit the Fudgyboombahs to try their menu that usually consists of butter candy macadamia, rocky road fudge, and butterscotch vanilla fudge, among many others. With over seventy delectable flavours to choose from, you are in for a great treat.


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