How to do Your Winter Beauty Detox in 5 Steps


Winter holidays are truly magical and we all enjoy ourselves during this festive break. Still, with so many parties, heavy eating, and lounging around, your health and skin are bound to suffer. Therefore, once the holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your winter beauty detox.

If you used to follow a specific regimen for a healthy lifestyle before the holidays, this won’t come as something too troublesome for you. On the other hand, if you neglected your health and appearance a lot longer, then it’s time for some healthy New Year’s resolutions!

If you’re curious about how to detox properly but simply and effectively, keep on reading.


Start with controlled consumption

High-calorie foods and saturated fats that are everyone’s favorite during the holidays should stay reserved for holidays. Therefore, it’s only right and responsible to pay attention to what you consume.

You don’t have to start a diet with extremely low-calorie intake, but some foods can definitely speed up the detox. What’s more, stay away from alcoholic beverages. You probably had enough of those already. Water and green tea will be your best friends on the road to body recovery. If you want to make sure that those toxins leave your body, consider taking activated charcoal as well.


It’s time to wake up those muscles

No amount of healthy food and supplements can help your body and skin get rid of toxins completely as much as exercise. Therefore, once the holiday season is over, it’s time to put a stop to muscle hibernation.

Any form of exercise is good enough, be it walking, jogging, home workouts, or hitting the gym. The important thing is to keep physical activity a regular part of your schedule and you’ll soon notice how much better you actually feel. That’s because exercising removes any trace of toxins from your system.

Spice up your shower routine

This might seem strange at first, but mixing hot and cold showers can really help you detoxicate from head to toe. Switching from a 3-minute hot shower to a 1-minute cold shower a couple times will significantly boost your circulation and metabolism and relieve your body of toxins.

For added benefit, make sure to use exfoliating products while in the shower. Since it is wintertime, make sure not to leave your home immediately after taking a shower.

Find skincare that works for you

During winter, harsh weather conditions combined with toxins in your organism can take quite a toll on your skin. In that respect, it’s essential that you stick to your regular beauty routine and enrich it with products that work for your skin type and needs best.

With so many possibilities on the market, including top-quality Thalgo cosmetics and some other renowned brands, you can easily find antioxidant products with a specific purpose that would help your skin look its best.

Breathe in clean air

With so much pollution around you during wintertime, your detox journey can encounter some problems. When it comes to the outdoor air in the cities, there really isn’t much that you can do. But, that’s why it’s important to focus on your own options.

Proper air ventilation and a humidifier in your home are essential for keeping you healthy and toxin-free. What’s more, making an appointment for the salt room from time to time will also be very beneficial.

Not only are toxins in our bodies damaging to our health and appearance, but they also cause fatigue and tiredness that can meddle with your daily activities and necessary energy. Therefore, feel free to enjoy the holidays to the fullest but don’t neglect your needs and health once the festivities end. That way, you’ll be happy, confident, and excited about every new day to come.


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  1. I am glad you find my advices helpful. If you have some other great ideas please share 🙂

  2. I am going to try to Spice up my shower routine. This is all good advice for me. I do try a lot of different skin care products also.

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