3 Ways to Give Small Space Big Impact: Christmas Edition #Minimalism

Guest post contributed by Elise Morgan

Dealing with a small space for your festive spirit during this holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful and less jolly. With adequate décor, strategically placed details and minimalist approach you can truly make your place shine without looking like a cluttered mess. It’s important that you analyze the space you have and pinpoint all the openings in the process that would allow for some Christmas décor. If you’re still unsure on how to go about giving your space that touch of festivity, keep on reading.

1. Use a smaller/DIY Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is a must for holiday season but with small space in the way, you pretty much don’t have the luxury of getting a big one that would fit a ton of ornaments and fairy lights. In that respect, getting a smaller artificial Christmas tree doesn’t have to be less festive. For a small artificial tree it’s important that you find a corner or use a smaller coffee table where you’d place it. Small ornaments such as gradient Christmas balls would be absolutely perfect choice. For example, you can use one color ornaments but get them in packs of mat, glossy and glittery coating. On the other hand, you can achieve quite a modern Christmas tree look even without ornaments by simply opting for a white tree that you can spray with silver or gold glitter. Moreover, there are tons of DIY tutorials when it comes to Christmas trees. Basically, even just a couple of smaller fig branches put in a festive cup and decorated with 1-3 ornaments is sometimes more than enough to get the impact you desire.

2. Utilize the space/accessories you already have

Instead of finding a way to bring in more items for your Christmas décor, make use of the accessories and space that you already have. For example, if you already have decorative cushions on your chairs and sofa, simply change their covers with ones featuring Christmas motifs. Your curtains and windows also make an ideal canvas for adding holiday-themed ornaments – basically, you can simply pin or hang some of the ornaments in that area. Instead of trying to use fairy lights on your tree, consider using these as wall décor with a help of some festive-patterned washi tape. What’s more, you probably have a coffee table or any type of surface even in a small room, so why not try using a sequined table cloth for it during the holidays?

3. Add a centerpiece

There are many possibilities when it comes to your perfect kind of Christmas-themed centerpiece. For those who truly value minimalist and modern vibe in their homes, Mecque candle stands are a great example of how holiday spirit can be found in the simple and geometrical shapes. On the other hand, you can put your own creativity to work and create a centerpiece that would match both your personality and available space. With a festive candle, a piece of a Christmas tree garland to go around it and additional details such as small ornaments and cones, your own little centerpiece can be done in no time. Also, if you’re not too keen on doing any work yourself but want full glam impact of holiday season for your centerpiece, there are really affordable candle burners in the shape of Santa Claus, snowman, snowflake, star, etc. that can play an important role in decorating small space without taking up a lot of it.

There’s no point in filling up your room with Christmas décor and tree that would prevent you from moving freely. If you live in a smaller scale home, a lot can be achieved with proportional décor as well. Actually, having to think of ways how to implement your desired Christmas theme into smaller space will only allow you to spend more time on fun festive tasks and rekindle the magic of Christmas more effectively.

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