Why You Would Need A Good Transmission Specialist

Contributed by Lara Buck

The face of servicing of automotive transmission have changed with time, and now the mechanics handling this are required to be experts in handling computerized transmissions. Technology has been upgrading sharply and fast. To match up with that, the experts are also being cultivated with more care. More knowledge and expertise with computers is required these days. Hence when you are finding a transmission specialist you should know, if they have the latest updated knowledge or not. Backdated technology and knowledge may be of little help for your car.


The modern-day car transmissions, both manual and automated have changed a lot through the last few years. With the involvement of computer programs in automated transmissions, the technology got too advanced, and now only trained mechanics who have adequate knowledge can handle them. A very interesting observation would let you know that the transmission specialist can work overtime, at odd hours, and also in odd positions where muscles may get pulled or cramped. This will give you an idea of how serious and difficult the job is, which they do with strong determination.

What to look for while getting the transmission checked:

When you have to get your transmission checked, always inquire if:

  • The transmission specialist is certified with a proper diploma or certification course.
  • The specialist has a live insurance which will protect him and your vehicle during the duty.
  • The specialist gives you the right quote before taking the job.

After the job is done, you will be able to observe that he completed the job on due time as he gave estimate of, and discussed major repairs and expenses with you prior to doing anything.

What to look for in a transmission check center

A good transmission check center is not just a place where you get specialists for checking and repairing the transmission, but it’s the place where the vehicle is taken care of and maintained such that any problem in the future can be prevented. Transmission checks are to ensure that you never get problem with it in future. And that is why the responsibility of a transmission specialist is not just to check and repair, but to take care for better health and prolonged durability.

This is what you have to look for while finding your service station. Asking people, taking recommendations, reading complaints and reviews etc, are all part of the research so that you can focus on finding a good center and invest correctly.

Diagnosing the problem

This is one area where many experienced service centers also falter. Until the problem with the transmission is diagnosed they can’t repair, and takes time to find out. This incompetence is because of not having an able updated transmission specialist.


It’s quite natural that the transmission components will go through more wear and tear than other parts, and that’s because the many parts always are going through much friction, rubbing, and contacts at a higher intensity than other moving parts of the vehicle. Lot of friction and heat generation is the reason that the parts wear off sooner.

Some of the common signs of transmission problem are here:

  • Burning smell emerging from under the hood.
  • Strange shocks like jumping, shaking, slipping or grinding while changing gears or during accelerating.
  • When the vehicle shakes in any speed.
  • The gear shifter for manual transmission is hard and won’t move or feel jammed.
  • You can see leaky fluids from the vehicle.
  • The transmission fluid smells bad and looks unclear in the dipstick.
  • When you run the vehicle you get screeching, squeaking, and clunking sounds.
  • Delayed response of the vehicle each time you change gear.

If you get any or all of these problems then it’s time you should take the vehicle for check-up.

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